~ Happy 1st, Devon ~

Devon's 1st B-day at my sister's in the country

opening her presents with Madolyn

hanging out with Grandpa

learning to walk with Daddy

mesmerized by her candle


~ New Life ~

First of all, I must apologize as I have been horrible about keeping up with posts this month. We've only been in Dallas for 2 weeks now and are still adjusting to our new environment.

We love our new loft, but currently have zero furniture (which makes it a little difficult to get motivated for sewing) My mother was kind enough to lend me her sewing machine (until I can get mine out of storage) but I have no table and chair to use it. So, Devon and I have been spending our days here hanging out with my sister, my niece and shopping and eating...tough huh?

The food here is amazing! If you or your friends are ever in the Dallas Metroplex, be sure to check out these restaurants:





~ Road Trip ~

Red Rock Canyon in Vegas Ceasar's Palace in Vegas
William's ??? Cute little old western town in Arizona
Grand Canyon New Mexico


~ Todays Pic ~

Feeling much better outside in the cool air.....


~ Happy Birthday, Baby! ~

I hope your having a happy birthday :) I love you more every day and even though we tend to be super sensitive with each other about alot of things it is also one of the traits that binds us. I'm so lucky to have finally found you, the person who understands and loves me more than anyone in the world.

I love you, baby... forever 2x