Beach Front

Sorry we've been neglecting our blog, but all this moving around has taken a toll on us. We're still in Orange Co. but we're now beach front (temporarily) until we can find our new permanent home (which hopefully will be in the next week or so) I've also been tied up with sewing, and just shipped off a size run of new ballerina dresses! Look for them exclusively at Little Bean. As soon as we moved into our new temporary pad, Devon and I both caught nasty colds, but we're doing great now and enjoying being on the beach...
...playing with friends...
...and eating some of our favorite things:)


Frilly Pocket Frock

Our newest dress has a vintage trimmed, front kangaroo pocket. You would think that (being so into sportswear) I would have sewn up quite a few of these by now, but nope...this was my first. It was actually a little tricky for me but with some trial and error, I worked it out. Working completely backwards, I decided to cruise around for a good tutorial on making pouch pockets. I was sorta surprised that I couldn't find one. Maybe I should do one? Although, I'm kinda embarrassed to do anything that might show my hands close up (didn't really do such a great job with the "no more biting my nails" resolution)


Young Poets Blouse

It's been a little while since we've had a chance to have a long shoot together, and Devon was totally workin' it out for me today in our new OOAK Young Poets Blouse. I'm trying to get some different sizes in shop for our one of a kind pieces, besides our standard size 2T (Devon's size) This top is a 3 to 4T. I'm also cutting this body into a dress in a beautiful, black cotton eyelet. I'm not sure how well an all black children's dress will sell on Etsy, but I just got Devon some awesome black vintage sandals that need a dress to go with:)


New item and problem solved

Here's a new little legging that's in shop now. This fabric was sent from my supplier as a happy bonus and makes for adorable leggings, reminds me of fruit striped gum. Devon always wears the first sample in our shoots together and this one is a little on the large side, so the pattern has been adjusted as needed.
Well, even though I said I'd have our Women's wear Etsy back up by now, it's not. Like I mentioned before, the clothes are shot on me out of convenience, but I've just not been happy with it so far. I want different, raw backdrops and a new model. Isaac's been so good about putting up with my total lack of modeling skills by completely directing me while we shoot. Obviously, Devon is a natural. She cracks me up by pulling looks like this whenever she sees me whip out the camera (whereas I've always been way too "aware" of myself in front of the camera) Luckily, one of my best and oldest friends is writer/stylist/photographer Walter Cessna. So, I'm sending him our new OOAK women's wear pieces to shoot in NY! I'll be posting some of his beautiful work on here very soon.