Puppy Playdate

Just wanted to share this happy moment of Devon's first puppy playdate with my sister-in-law's new baby, "Mochi" We hope everyone had happy holidays!


Tiny Turbans

I made myself a batch of these turbans last Winter. Recently, my friend Heather's been spotting them everywhere and thought I should offer some for kids. I'm also making a collection of teeny, tiny turbans for Penelope's Blythe Doll, Tigerlily:)



page_73_74Well, I had a rash of Christmas orders (right at the end of my cut off date) so our blog has been neglected, but I did ship off the last set yesterday so, YAY! Now I'm finally making Christmas presents and a Holiday dress for Devon...hurry...hurryhurry!

By end of January, our little shop will be stocked with early Spring items! Our Etsy will be focused on knit seperates with ocassional wovens (dresses and blouses) in VERY limited fabrications (we're talkin' 3 to 4 pieces only....ever! I'm excited to say that DevonRose will also be available very shortly at babybird
and as I'm switching into a new Spring collection for Sweet William, I was so happy to find our corduroy vintage print, "Peter Rabbit" dress in the new issue of the beautiful PapierMache magazine!


Boob Job

boob job

...or really the total reconstruction of the holiday dress that I made last year for my sister-in-law, Heidi. It's a fully lined wool and velvet dress. I completely detached the back zipper (which is 23" and piped on either side with black velvet) I took in 1" from the sides, created a major peg by chopping off 1 1/2" at the hem, reworked the neckline, added fish eye darts to the back bodice, and chopped 1/2''' off of the back sleeve. The hardest part was adding cups to the bodice (kinda freaked me out when I had these gaping holes cut into it...no turning back now!) but lucky for me, I was able to pull it off in the end

mom anddevon 2

..and this is the finished garment. Isn't it a sweet shot of Devon? Even though she's without a top (you know how kids like to run around the house shirt free) I hardly ever get any pics of she and I together, since I'm always behind the camera.


Russian Doll

russian doll 5

russian doll 1

Just made a batch of these little holiday dresses for Sweet William, it's the last of my bulk orders for the year! I'm going to be shipping off all Etsy orders this Saturday and Monday (priority) so everything will be arriving in perfect time for Christmas. We shot this dress right before Devon left for her first professional photo shoot (down in San Diego) for Babiekins magazine. It was a vintage editorial, styled by my friend Heather who did an amazing job with everything...can't wait to see it! The new issue is out in early February:)


On Location

Lately, I've been trying to find different places to shoot new pieces on Devon. It's so easy to just throw them on her and shoot around the house, but I think we're both getting bored of that. Isaac reminded me of this great tiled wall, the perfect backdrop for our Candy Sprinkled Thermals. It's actually the facade of M&L Fabrics and I'm usually there at least twice a week (right now they're having a holiday sale so I'm stocking up) I found a great navy gabardine that I'm going to turn into a modish dress, to pair with this awesome little 60's vintage vest. I bought it for Devon 2 years ago and now it finally fits her. It's going to be her Christmas outfit... I'll make sure and post pics:)

I also wanted to get some impromptu shots (of Devon just doing her thing) in our 80's Sweater Dress, and she had been asking to get some new library books lately. We live right around the corner from the Euclid Branch, so we've been going there a lot (before that I hadn't been to the library in years) It's perfect for Devon, since I sometimes have a hard time guessing which books she'll love and which ones will just end up lonely on the shelf. Getting her first library card was a big moment for her, she's always got to wear it around her neck for the entire visit, and spends the majority of her time there on the computer playing Science games.


Dress Madness

I finally shipped out all these wool plaid dresses to Sweet William (wish Devon could have kept one cause it makes a great Thanksgiving frock) This was the first time I've sized production all the way up to 6Y and the dresses looked so huge to me. I'm going to try and knock out some new product for our Etsy for Christmas, but I've still got a couple more dress styles I'm working on for Sweet William (and I decided that this Christmas I'm going to try and hand make the majority of my gifts) Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Great Mane

Ok, now bunnies always make me smile (and Sonja Elizabeth Ahlers makes the cutest bunns ever) but she really out did herself with the creation of this little guy, lion's mane hat and leopard pants...sweet!


Farmers Market Muse

There's something really comforting about this brown flannel plaid. It makes me think of grandpa farmers (not the cranky kind) the jolly ones that make you lemonade, hang out on the porch swing, and tell you stories. It was this train of thought that led me to recall a great place to shoot, Sam's Farmers Market! Snapping away in front of the mural was a given, but when I brought Devon over to the produce, she totally worked it out like a pro. I was like "Let's get a shot over here by these lemons"

"OK, Momma" but she doesn't just stand by the lemons, she picks some up and cradles them for a super sweet shot:)


Brownie Points

I've been making the majority of Devon's clothing ever since she was 6 months old. So usually she doesn't even bat an eyelash when I present her with a new piece. But now she's finally getting to that age where she LOVES getting new clothes, YAY! When I gave her this little Suede n Shearling jacket, she hugged it and said "Thank you, Momma!"

Right now my sewing room is covered in chocolate brown wool plaid (I'm working on an 18 piece order for Sweet William) so new product is slow in our shop right now, but I'm hoping to post a couple more offerings on Sunday (in brownie shades too, since I'm in a "chocolaty" sorta mood)



Night Light

I just finished a batch of these corduroy smocks for Sweet William. I had made some culottes for Devon from the same fabric before, but I'm lovin' it as a little holiday dress much, much more. Now, I'm taking a tiny break from sewing this weekend. Devon's sleeping next to me as I'm writing this in the dark by the light of my closet (I like to write blog posts in my journal and then type them up later) So, yes... she's still sleeping with Isaac and I (only now she takes up MUCH more room) and she's a kicker. Once, she bicycle kicked me in the forehead so hard that when I woke up the next morning, I had an actual dent in my head. Right now, she's sleeping with a little tissue in her hand (to Devon a tissue is the "cure all" for everything) Itchy nose? tissue. Little boo-boo? "no band-aid, Mommy..TISSUE!" But anyways, even though I'm looking at her right now and she looks HUMONGOUS, I'm really in no hurry to move her into a bed of her own...is that weird? I mean, soon she'll be going to school, and she'll want to be "Little Miss Independent" and then I'll be the one that needs a tissue.


New Knits

Devon had been itchin' to do something outside after all this rain we've been having. So I doubled it up and shot her in some new pieces while she ran amok (she never even knew she was working for me as well) Fitting that I found this great little umbrella print for our Rainy Day Leggings I'm always searching for a cute thermal print, but have a hard time finding any that aren't too juvenile. Too bad I only found enough of this one to make a few pairs. Devon's keeping hers, so (depending on sizes ordered) this listing could be the last one.

Sorta the same story with limited fabric for our new, one of a kind Stardust and Stripes cowl neck. It's a size 3T, super soft and great for little boys or girls!


Second Hand Love Kids

All vintage loving mothers must go check out Lisa and Sunny's new Etsy shop, Second Hand Love Kids. Lisa has the best eye for finding beautiful and unique pieces, and Sunny is the most adorable model with the sweetest smile. One of the best things I've found about being on Esty, is having the opportunity to meet other people in the community that are not only amazing talents, but incredible mom's as well. I consider them both good friends, although we've never met face to face.

Here's something that made me smile: it always makes my day to see happy super cuties workin' our tops out with their own style, but when they also sport kiddie tattoo's...well how could you not smile? Have a happy day everyone!


Velveteen Jackets

I finally finished up ten of these jackets and shipped them off to Sweet William (the new store in Manhattan just opened a few days ago) I love how they turned out, but probably will never do production (at least all by myself) on lined jackets again. Just grading the pattern to five different sizes and cutting out all the facing's (not to mention there was fur EVERYWHERE) took me many, many, many, days. My hands may never be the same again, but enough whining...doesn't Devon look cute? She wanted to wear make-up for this shoot, so I gave her a little blush and mascara. She was feelin' it:)


Wear a Smile

Throw on a positive statement necklace by PianoBenchDesigns (especially on a gray day like today) it's a fun way to spread smiles around.

...not really a positive word, but it made me smile anyways:)
Have a super happy day!