Rainy day sewing continued...

I bought this headband from Babooshka a few weeks ago, and I've decided that it's just the perfect accessory for someone with a mane like myself. I was born with this head full of REALLY thick wavy, coarse hair that's prone to frizziness (which is why I wonder how Devon got such baby fine hair) Anyways, Isaac always wants me to wear it down. He says he likes it "wild and crazy", but I always just feel like it's sorta, well...."poofy" This headband is thick enough to strap down those "poofies" and just adds that little bit of somethin' to your outfit.
Plus, I discovered they are SUPER easy to make.....so I made a bunch (I would have made more, if I had more knit color choices in my fabric stash) Now everyday's a headband day!


  1. my hair's too slippery (even though it should be dry and ruined with the daily blow drying.) and things like these never stay. :( so i'm stuck with those regular headbands, yknow?

    and how crazy is that when guys like things about ourselves that we don't! it's nice though, because... well because its better than them agreeing! haha. i always like how i say something like "ugh i hate my long hair, i need to cut it." and my sweet guy co-workers tell me they love my hair and that they love it long. :D

  2. i like!!! i might need!!!

  3. I can never use any headband because it's so humid here. Now I try to keep my hair short too. :)

    Thank you for your sweet comment in my blog, Emily! It would be my honour to have your cutest Devon holding a book I made and doodling on it. How sweet! I would love to see what she can come out with. Thank you for keeping me in mind :)