Devon's Halloween

This was Devon's first year to celebrate Halloween, and she was a busy little lady! First stop was at the twins school for their Halloween parade. Frankie and Zoe were so excited to show her off to their friends. Isn't this the sweetest hug?
Their school is at the top of Laguna Hills and appropriately named "Top Of The World" Look at this view! Wish I went to school here...
Next stop was the neighborhood block party. Here she is taking a ride with Snow White...
For Devon, the block party was all about getting to finally ride that tire swing (she sees it every day when we take our walks together) It's hanging in the front yard of a neighbors house, so it was always a "no-no" but now she can finally take that ride. Here she is waiting patiently with Frankie and Zoe...
...getting a push from Spider Man......just when she thought it couldn't get any better, she was off to get a ton of candy. She even learned how to say "trick-or-treat"


sew sew sew!

...it's all I ever seem to do anymore. This order killed me, a size run of crisp white Sundays Blouses. All that lace, top stitching, and completely unforgiving cotton (it shows every stitch hole....so NO mistakes) Then being stark white on top of that. Luckily, they turned out cute in the end, but I'll NEVER make them again. This is my favorite pic of Devon in her Sundays Blouse (and vintage elephant parade sweater vest) She looks so tiny! I wish that vest wasn't in storage like everything else (so irritating)
...blouses everywhere!!!
This was much more fun, a custom order for our Long Winters nap henley and leggings . The customer wanted a cream or soft pink as an alternative to the grey. I couldn't find any thermal in those colors on our last fabric trip out to LA, but I found this great French Terry and reversed it (loops to the outside) It gave it this cuddly, "chenille" type look. Since the French Terry had zero stretch, I added my cream bamboo rib knit for the contrasts. So she got to have both colors in one. This set was for a size 12-18m, so it's small on Devon... she's small (but not that small)
I used a super cute, floral foldover for an inside detail. A seller on Etsy used it to wrap up one of my purchases :)


Jeans and Java

Isaac found himself the perfect new job! Congrats baby! He's now the store manager for the Java Jeans Bar in Anaheim. It's a high-end denim boutique and bistro in one. Coffee, wine, gelato, denim...what else do you need?
My baby's always been a denim kind of guy. His last job required him to wear a suit and he hated that. So, first day on the job and he's already got the complimentary pair of selvage denim Diesel's. They have zero over locked seams. Everything is french (encased) or cut at the selvage edge of the fabric. These retail at $350.00 and go for up to $700 in Japan...so cute in his new jeans!
Also, those of you who have children, they're having a 60% off sale on all Junk Food tee's. You know I couldn't resist, here's the one I got for Devon...
Anaheim is lovely! While Isaac met with the owner, Devon and I were suppose to be grabbing lunch at the bistro. But, Devon feel asleep again and I ended up munching in the car while I took in these views....
The cutest little hummingbird came to drink nectar from these red flowers. It would have been the perfect nature shot , but of course as soon as the camera came out, he flew away:(
Devon woke up in like 20 minutes. Here she is cranky.... "I just woke up, so could you please not take pictures for once, Mom?"
...much happier with her gelato at the Java Jeans Bar...


Time off

I wanted to apologise for sort of ignoring my blog lately. I'm just spending so much time sewing now that I feel like whenever I have a spare second, I should be playing with Devon. Even right now, I had to sneak out of bed so that I could try and fit in this post before she wakes up...yea,
we still sleep together.
So this is just a little update. We took Devon to the Spectrum (a couple days in a row) first time was just so she coud do a little shoppping...
... ride the giant carousel and the ferris wheel. I really think that she is at her happiest...EVER..when she's on a carousel (but when it's time to get off) that is her darkest hour.
My remedy is always distraction, and so red velvet and cookies-n-creme cupcakes where in order. We ended up going back the next day to meet up with Heather and Pip. Devon was supposed to have a play date, but she fell asleep in the car. She slept through our entire lunch, and then woke up with a bloody nose. She had never had one before, and was totally put off by my attempts to clean things up. Anyway things got bad (and very bloody) so we had to leave before she and Pip could play:(
Looks like I'll have to cut this post short, a little voice is calling "Meee meee!" I love the mornings. She always leaps out of bed, big smile and arms stretched out for hugs!


Sweater Hunting

So...I've been searching around Etsy for that marigold color sweater knit (I mentioned earlier) and I stumbled upon theAnecdotes
I'm in love with their chunky buttoned silhouettes! They look so clean and yet so unique. I REALLY want one for Devon. I mean...not only does she have the color I want, it's in Devon's size! I wonder if I can convince her to do a trade....hmmm


Culottes and Crochet

I made Devon these little holiday culottes this morning (totally "dressed up" casual look) I love this cute printed corduroy, it's festive without being overtly "Christmas" I want to make her a little vest from this fabric as well (although she will NEVER EVER wear them together)
I just can't help it, I'm so into this crochet headband on her, it's the perfect Fall accessory (along with the golden bunny necklace) Thanks again, Belen!
I have to find this marigold color in a sweater knit somewhere! If I spot some on my next trip to LA, then I'll cut and sew one. But I'm really into the idea of having one knitted for her from Etsy. Should I save, or should I Alchemy?


Trying to recapture a moment

Our computer crashed the other day, leaving us with having to reinstall Windows, and then losing thousands of pictures of Devon in the process. I'm so upset about that, I can only compare it to a fire (although I know it's actually nowhere near as devastating) Anyways, I was lucky enough to have already picked the majority of the best pictures from all of the hundreds of photo shoots that I've done of Devon. Thank god I have this blog and an Etsy!
I was mainly bummed about losing some of the shots that I was lucky enough to capture of Devon with the dogs. I've been trying to get that perfect one since Devon could walk..... oh why didn't I leave them in the camera for just one more day?!?
I had one of Devon hugging Bik Wu. Huge smile, you could see both of their faces...similar expressions.. GOLD!...gone...
Of course, I got one of her giving Billy a kiss on the nose.....gone too!
Oh well, what's done is done. I tried my very best to recreate that moment. Same little outfit, dogs in the same places...although this time it was a little forced...I'd have to say.



We're in Daily Candy Kids Dallas...

YAY! You can read Daily Candy's write up about Devon Rose' s clothing line here:)


New pieces

Devon wears our new Sweetheart Flares with our Prettiest Pointelle Top
Crayola Cardigan and Citrus Skirt
Our Flannel Trim Flares.... hooray for itty bitty flares!


Crab Claw?

I just finished up an order for my Women's Etsy boutique; box pleat harem pants, cinched silk tee, and my OOAK Wood grain sequin top. The pants were a challenge since I completely finished the first pair and (as I was prepping them for shipment) they got damaged. It's the first time that ever happened so (with as many things as I've been sewing up as of late) I should count my blessings. I do admit that I kinda freaked out for about 20 minutes or so. It just sucks so bad to completely finish a piece and then have to start all over again....but whatever. I decided to make it a totally positive thing, and I re cut them in a super soft, bamboo french terry (first pair was 100% cotton baby rib) They turned out so supple, and just hung better in every way. I tried them on and they're like super sexy leggings with a dropped crotch. I know I'm totally bragging right now, but I really wanted to keep these for myself..they're even pretty laid out flat. Look at them sideways, don't they look like a crab claw?
Here's the new label for our Women's line. They look like they were written with a quill, and Isaac had the idea to tea stain them for that extra effect. But since there was no tea around, coffee works just as well...


I couldn't help it...

I had to get one of these for Devon...so cute, and so inexpensive ! I mean $9.50 for a hand knitted hat??? Gotta get a bunny hophop:)


What I want to wear...

I finally got a chance to sneak out of bed this morning and really check out Spring 2010, and I've come to the conclusion that...


Locks and Frocks

The day after Devon wore little hair buns, left her with beautiful,wavy locks...
...the perfect accessory for these new, feminine frocks...
Our Fall Flowers Dress will only be available at Little Bean and Sweet William, unless your name is Pippi :)
...angelic Gasa Flutter Sleeve Dress...
...Devon loves kittys...
...I love Devon Rose...