Devon wanted to show off some of her new gifts! These adorable little leggings are from Baby Bean Vintage. Don't you just love the floral knee patches and super cute "heart bum" applique? They paired perfectly with our Ebony and Eyelet Tunic, which inspired Isaac to give her these little hair nubbs today...isn't it great to have a daddy that can do hair?her gift from Belen's etsy boutique....the cutest bunny necklace ...and crochet headband, custom made for Devon's toddler sized head!


  1. Yes, those leggings are adorable but Devon's little hair nubbs are even cuter! It is so sweet to have a daddy who can do hair. My dad used to cut my hair for me when I was around Devon's age. And I usually end up with a 'half-coconut' hairdo. Thank God I wasn't vain then. lol


  2. lol! I know, my dad used to give me the "one upright ponytail" right in the middle of my head...called it my "watoosee"

  3. OMG, cutest nubby knees ever. :) And I'm glad you guys got the package! I hope you like them!

    Take care,
    Belen ♥

  4. Her little buns are so precious! And I'm impressed that the man of the house is responsible for such a cute hairstyle. I can barely even do anything fun with my own hair, so my man will probably be helping out a lot in that department if we ever have a little girl.

  5. my dad used to french braid my sister and my hair every morning for school that is all he knew how to do... ok are you kidding me i saw that bunny in belen's etsy shop and saw that it was on hold and was bummed i wanted it!