Our newest little shorts have heart-shaped trimed pockets that lead into a back yoke detail for
the cutest little "bubble bum" around:)


Pool Time

There was lots of giddy screaming in front of the mirror (and I got a great big hug) for this one! I'd say it's one of her Summer favorites so far:)


Tea Time Skirt

...or vanilla bean frappuccino skirt:)


Fresh Start

Well, we're finally settled in at our new home and Devon's been enjoying the on site pool, playground, and the fact that there's a ton of kids here (it's like she finds a new little friend everyday) There's also the novelty of the fact that there's an awesome fireworks show every night right outside our door (since we're now neighbor's to Disneyland) As soon as she hears those fireworks start, she's off to grab her favorite owl hoody and then she's out the door, ready to sit on Isaac's shoulders underneath her favorite tree (which she seemed more interested in last night then the fireworks themselves) So I guess the novelty is already wearing off. I mean, our little family huddled under that tree, watching the show everynight is a total declaration of the fact that we're brand new to the area. Noone else even gives them so much as a glance that I've noticed. Also on site is this lovely green field with it's tall Eucalyptus trees, which I already know will be a favorite location to shoot our new pieces throughout the Summer...
... starting with our newest item the Sand Dune Dress. I absolutely love the look and hand feel of this fabric (which my supplier dubbed the "Willy Wonka" fabric, but it reminds me more of those sand sculptures that you used to make in glass jars as a kid)
Her reward for being such an awesome little model:)



One more thing before I sign off for awhile (we're moving) I wanted to tell everyone about our giveaway! Make sure and leave your comment for a chance to win our Crochet Crop Leggings for your little one:)


Moving Again

We finally found our new home! Let's hope this is the last move for a VERY long time. I know that Isaac and I are over this transient lifestyle, I can't even imagine what the lack of stability is doing to poor Devon. We took her to see the new place on Friday, and she went nuts running all over the place....she's gonna love it! I'm super excited to start shopping around for idea's on home decorating (probably going to have a lot of post's on that from here on out) I don't know if I'm going to have Internet access for awhile (so I might have to disappear for a few) but we'll be back soon and I'll be working on new items for the shop while we're away! bye bye!


Bye Bye Birdie!

I'm so sad that I had to deactivate the listing for our newest little Birdies and Blossoms dress today. I discovered, to my dismay that the buttons (adorable as they may be) don't hold up in the wash. Unfortunately, the shank back of this wooden button is only glued on...Boooo! I'm going to do a little test this weekend and see how these little birdies hold up to getting 2 holes drilled into them. They're just too cute to go to waste and after all, I had them shipped to me all the way from China.


Small Style

The new summer issue of Small Magazine came out today and our little OOAK Geisha Garden Dress was featured in this adorable editorial! I actually gave this dress to Pippi for her birthday and she took it from sweet to fierce with tights and wrapped up boots. Check it out in her awesome feature on Style Milk!


Women's pieces

Here's some more Women's pieces that I wanted to share with everyone. I finally made my Ikat motorcycle hoody that I've been thinking about forever! It's got a slouchy, rustic, Southwestern-rocker feel that I love.
I lined it with an embroidered, cotton crinkle gauze, reversed bamboo french terry, and it's humongous hood is lined in a black on black patterned linen.
I was inspired to increase the size of the hood after catching a brief glimpse of a gorgeous women in an equally gorgeous Medieval cloak. She was freaking out, being attacked by giant Scorpions or something (I think it was an episode of Merlin)
All of the ties are embellished with drilled river rocks and I also added river rock cuff links that are anchored with lambskin leather straps.
My midnight cloak/vest is also reversed bamboo french terry (which has the perfect weight for the drape on this garment)
I used the last of my buttery lambskin leather to make an asymmetrical collar and kept the edges raw and distressed. It also has a drilled river rock closure that looks like a rustic brooch.
I've been going back and forth about how I want to work this Women's line. I do know that I'm really only interested in making one of a kind pieces, and lately I haven't been sure that I have enough time to focus on that, our children's line, and still be able to give Devon all the attention that she needs. So I've decided to focus on our children's line and that means that I'm not going to reopen our Women's Etsy after all. Which also means I don't have to worry about the model dilemma anymore or have to deal with shipping items back and forth to New York to be photographed. I will instead be selling our one of a kind Women's pieces at American Rag in Los Angeles. If you are ever in the area, you should definitely check it out. It's an awesome store that carries lines like Rick Owens, Alexander Wang, and Helmut Lang. I'm super excited about it:)