Women's pieces

Here's some more Women's pieces that I wanted to share with everyone. I finally made my Ikat motorcycle hoody that I've been thinking about forever! It's got a slouchy, rustic, Southwestern-rocker feel that I love.
I lined it with an embroidered, cotton crinkle gauze, reversed bamboo french terry, and it's humongous hood is lined in a black on black patterned linen.
I was inspired to increase the size of the hood after catching a brief glimpse of a gorgeous women in an equally gorgeous Medieval cloak. She was freaking out, being attacked by giant Scorpions or something (I think it was an episode of Merlin)
All of the ties are embellished with drilled river rocks and I also added river rock cuff links that are anchored with lambskin leather straps.
My midnight cloak/vest is also reversed bamboo french terry (which has the perfect weight for the drape on this garment)
I used the last of my buttery lambskin leather to make an asymmetrical collar and kept the edges raw and distressed. It also has a drilled river rock closure that looks like a rustic brooch.
I've been going back and forth about how I want to work this Women's line. I do know that I'm really only interested in making one of a kind pieces, and lately I haven't been sure that I have enough time to focus on that, our children's line, and still be able to give Devon all the attention that she needs. So I've decided to focus on our children's line and that means that I'm not going to reopen our Women's Etsy after all. Which also means I don't have to worry about the model dilemma anymore or have to deal with shipping items back and forth to New York to be photographed. I will instead be selling our one of a kind Women's pieces at American Rag in Los Angeles. If you are ever in the area, you should definitely check it out. It's an awesome store that carries lines like Rick Owens, Alexander Wang, and Helmut Lang. I'm super excited about it:)


  1. These are FANCY, my friend! I can tell you put a ton of time and effort into each piece, and the little details are not lost on me. River rocks and lambskin? How original! And congrats on having an awesome store carry your work. I can see you becoming a super famous designer someday, and I just hope you'll still keep in touch with all your blog friends when you're so wealthy you don't know what to do with yourself! ;-)~

  2. Awww! Thanks Holly! You're the bestest blogger friend a girl could ever have:) xoxo

  3. so cool!!!! you can still make your pieces and get to hang out with devon!!!