Fresh Start

Well, we're finally settled in at our new home and Devon's been enjoying the on site pool, playground, and the fact that there's a ton of kids here (it's like she finds a new little friend everyday) There's also the novelty of the fact that there's an awesome fireworks show every night right outside our door (since we're now neighbor's to Disneyland) As soon as she hears those fireworks start, she's off to grab her favorite owl hoody and then she's out the door, ready to sit on Isaac's shoulders underneath her favorite tree (which she seemed more interested in last night then the fireworks themselves) So I guess the novelty is already wearing off. I mean, our little family huddled under that tree, watching the show everynight is a total declaration of the fact that we're brand new to the area. Noone else even gives them so much as a glance that I've noticed. Also on site is this lovely green field with it's tall Eucalyptus trees, which I already know will be a favorite location to shoot our new pieces throughout the Summer...
... starting with our newest item the Sand Dune Dress. I absolutely love the look and hand feel of this fabric (which my supplier dubbed the "Willy Wonka" fabric, but it reminds me more of those sand sculptures that you used to make in glass jars as a kid)
Her reward for being such an awesome little model:)

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  1. so cute!!! penelope is hanging over my shoulder asking if she can have ice cream with devon!!!