Bright and Beautiful

There's a few more one of a kind pieces in our shop now and we have a great little pleated smock dress that we'll be able to accommodate a very small run in. Devon and I have had lots of fun shooting these pieces over the last few days, and I wanted to share with everyone some beautiful little shots that were too bright for listing in shop, but too cute to be ignored.


Meet the new Mr. Boo

I'm very sad to report that the original Mr. Boo Boo (the goldfish) didn't make it. I'm not really sure what happened, one day he was swimming around happily and then.....not. I figured something more cuddly would be a better choice this time, and "Boo Boo" (apparently Devon REALLY likes that name) seems to fit this guy much better, as he has a huge chunk missing from his ear (you can see it in the middle pic) The former owners had bought Boo from a breeder along with another buck and (even though they had been neutered) they started to fight once they had matured (hence the missing chunk) but Mr. Boo is a lover, not a fighter with everyone else. Devon loves to give him lots of kisses and carrots:)


For Mom and Dad

My parents were always really into flowers, and it was a family tradition that every year (when all the Spring blossoms came out) they would gather us up for a photo shoot in the bluebonnet fields. Now I live right around the corner from this gorgeous view, which I noticed (after all that rain) had sprouted blankets upon blankets of bluebonnets! I just had to get some shots in there for Mom and Dad...so thankful I was able to shoot Devon with them, before they all disappeared.


New Items

I just can't get enough of Devon in these little cami styles, so I made a dress version of the racer-back with a netted skirt and sash. The kitty pointelle (which is so adorable, soft and just lovely) is extremely limited, so don't miss out on this one! I'm pretty sure it's going to be Devon's Easter dress this year.
Our Wallflower cami is made from a brand new batch of organic pointelle knit in a different pattern called "Devine." I'll be adding several new items in this knit using various vintage fabric contrasts. I have quite a bit of this beauty, so I can accommodate a larger size range. I'm thinking about hand dying some too:)



Cottage Cheese Rolls

Ok, if you're a bread and cheese lover like me, these are like the best rolls...ever! My Mom used to make them for us when we were kids, they were always one of my favorites! I was super excited when she sent me the recipe, and Heidi was so awesome to make us all a batch! Devon LOVES:)

Yummy Cottage Cheese Rolls:
1/2 cup cottage cheese
1 tablespoon butter (melted in the microwave)
1 tablespoon sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon soda
1 egg (beaten)
1 pkg yeast
1 cup flour

1. put yeast in 1/4 cup of warm water
2. mix remaining ingredients in bowl with yeast
3. let rise 30 minutes
4. grease mini muffin pan well (butter flavored crisco shortening)
5. bake until light brown
15-20 minutes

the last line of the recipe reads: *best is eaten freshly made* no problem with that here:)


Tiddlywinks and new Pinks

I'm so excited to give Devon her new Easter bunny from Tiddlywinks ! After all, she's not just a lone bunny, she's got a whole playset with four of the most precious lacy skirts, an equally adorable felt pea coat, and her own bitty chenille pillow with blankie (all wrapped up in a little boucle tote bag) This is my second adoption from Tiddlywinks (we already gave Sunny a home) She arrived very quickly and is even prettier in person (very impressed with the craftsmanship of these dolls) Originally, it was her outfit that sold me, but now I can't stop looking at her face! There's something about lining everything up together (eyes, nose, cheeks, and mouth) that's just undeniably cute !
Shop Update: It's been really rainy and grey lately, just horrible for picture taking! I haven't quite captured the shot's I wanted for our new Spotted Skinnys. They're so bright and happy, they need to be shot outdoors for sure. I've also got a new pink and blue rose (vintage print and OOAK) skirt that needs to be shot as well. Hopefully tomorrow will be a sunny day:)


Trade and Giveaway

I'm always excited to make a good trade on Etsy. This time it was with Beth from Lemon Cadet. I'm so in love with how Devon looks running around in this little romper with an orange, curly tail bum...priceless! It also makes me a little nostalgic as the "bird bean" character sort'a reminds me of Barbapapa (only much prettier in it's lovely bird print) I had already bought Beth's Yeti Tee for Devon a while back (which Devon LOVES and always has to do her "Yeti impression" whenever she wears it) Check it out here. You should also visit Lemon Cadet's blog Project: project and (just so you know) Beth is not only talented, but super sweet as well....thanks for the perfect trade, Beth!

Another great children's Etsy boutique, Hart + Sew is having an awesome giveaway! You can have a chance to win any dress from her entire boutique which is stocked full of beautiful, handpicked vintage (and adorable handmade items as well) Win your daughter a gorgeous dress, just in time for Easter!

so cute..

and comfy!


Blue Rose, Pink Eye

Devon seemed to be getting much better, so I went ahead and did a little photo shoot with her in our new Blue Rose Babydoll. Her eye was a little puffy, nothing too bad (seems hardly noticeable in these pics) but that night her eye got REALLY bad. First it got all weepy with discharge, then I couldn't get her to stop rubbing it, so it got worse. She woke up again at around 2:00AM and her eye was so swollen, she looked like she got punched! I just broke down crying (too tired and worried, I guess) she was in great spirits, however. She smiled at me and asked to watch Totoro. Today her eye is almost back to normal. It has just a touch of redness, but no swelling at all....a huge relief since I was starting to think it was pink eye.


Catching Up

I'm sorry about the lack of new dresses in our shop (they are coming, I promise) Lately, I've been slammed with catching up on orders, so getting time to sew up new pieces (and post on the bloggy) has been less than anticipated. I'm shipping off the last of my "big" (for me, all by myself)) orders on Tuesday and the rest of my week will be dedicated to getting out new items. In the meantime, here's some new versions of our racerback...
The Pink Apples Tank was shot at the Laguna Wilderness Park. There were tons of little "chipmunk/gopher" type guys running around (not sure what they were cause they had long skinny tails) Devon thought they were monkeys:)
Devon's been sick the past few days as well. She's actually never had a FEVER fever like this one. Really, she's only (up until now) had mild colds. Last night, she kept waking from 2:00AM until 7:30AM (pretty much every hour) We watched Clifford, Daffy Ducks Quackbusters, and 2 episodes of Astro Boy....I'm pretty tired. Poor thing, she was burning up and ridiculously delirious. She kept poking me on the nose and shouting "BEEP" all night.