Blue Rose, Pink Eye

Devon seemed to be getting much better, so I went ahead and did a little photo shoot with her in our new Blue Rose Babydoll. Her eye was a little puffy, nothing too bad (seems hardly noticeable in these pics) but that night her eye got REALLY bad. First it got all weepy with discharge, then I couldn't get her to stop rubbing it, so it got worse. She woke up again at around 2:00AM and her eye was so swollen, she looked like she got punched! I just broke down crying (too tired and worried, I guess) she was in great spirits, however. She smiled at me and asked to watch Totoro. Today her eye is almost back to normal. It has just a touch of redness, but no swelling at all....a huge relief since I was starting to think it was pink eye.


  1. Aww... she is such a sweetie! Glad to hear her eye is better. Her little dress is adorable! I saw your post on etsy and popped in for a visit! :)

  2. Glad Devon is back in full spirit again. Jump jump Dino!