Midnight Gifts

Sometimes it's so hard to get a chance to see Isaac at all. The bistro/boutique that he manages throws a lot of events (wine tasting, open-mic, etc) It has him coming home at 1:00AM or even later sometimes. In the mornings he leaves for work around 10:30AM, but he's usually so tired from the night before, that he only gets up in time to shower and rush out the door again. The other night I decided that I was going to stay up (no matter what) so I could spend a little time with him. Around 12:30 he came home, and he brought food and gifts! They have collector's edition Evian bottles at Isaac's work, so I had been asking for the Christian Lacroix one...isn't it so lacey and lovely? I found the perfect rose for it in the garden too. Devon's always asking to sniff it now. She makes the funniest crinkled-nose "sniffy" face, then say's "AHHHH"!
...and he bought me this awesome scarf. It's like the perfect "grungy" accessory. It's yellow plaid flannel that's been dip-dyed navy and purple and streaked with paint! Oh, I LOOOOVE my Baby!


Sweet Moments

Best Friends
First Floss
Tickle Face
Cozy Kitty


Read any good books lately?

I've actually picked up a couple, weird cause it's something that I rarely do now (sorry to say) But my sister-in-law, Heidi has inspired me. Somehow between going back and forth between Santa Barbara and Aliso Viejo for work, being a mother to 7 year old twins, and having her love in Las Vegas, she manages to read a lot! When I asked her how she found the time, she said that reading was her passion and she makes time to fit it in every chance she gets (even reading in the shower) Hmmm, maybe I should try a little? All this sewing (all the time) is gonna make me a dull girl. So, I saw a book on the coffee table that caught my attention " A child called It" after reading the back I put it down. It's the story of one of the worst cases of child abuse in California's history. No...I wanna start off with something a little lighter, please. Of course, I ended up reading a few pages when Devon was napping and got sucked in. This child was stabbed, choked, forced to eat feces, poisoned and never got fed meals. Somehow he survives it all...but this goes on for YEARS. Heidi and I just have to wonder "What was wrong with people in the 70's"??? I mean, how can this child's teachers, classmates and neighbors not intervene? This kid wasn't even fed! You would think a starved child that's forced to wear the same clothing everyday, and covered in bruises would be a concern at school? Of course now it's the extreme opposite. For example, Heidi was telling me about a guy that had his children taken away from him because of an innocent photo that he took of them playing in the bath tub! Anyways, I ended up reading the whole book in a couple days. First time I've done that in years. Now I'm finishing up another book that Heidi lent me "The Most Beautiful Book In The World" It's a collection of eight novellas (perfect for those like me who struggle to find time to read) I REALLY liked this one, it's perfectly bittersweet. But I don't want to spoil it for anyone so I'll leave it at that. The next book in line? "Goddesses, Whores, Wives, and Slaves" (Women in classical antiquity)
Devon's current favorite read is much larger than she is and called "My Fairy Princess Palace" It's a pop-up book with paper dolls. She's really into making them take naps in their little fairy beds (she makes snoring noises for them) and having them eat from their pop-up custom kitchen (yum-yum noises here)


LWN leggings now available in new colors!

Our best seller, the "Long Winters Nap" thermal legging is now available in Baby Pink and Aqua! These are the perfect leggings for play, bedtime, and layering up for the cold weather :)


Billy Bones

Billy Bones came from a shelter in Oakland. I saw him on craiglist and we both fell in love with those ears. Just so happens that he's a Corgi/Pomeranian mix. Funny cause Isaac's dog (growing up) was half Corgi and mine was a Pomeranian. I don't really mention him nearly as much as Bik Wu. I guess mainly because he's always been closer to Isaac, so we decided that Billy was his and I got Bik. He's a great dog, though. Very patient and loving, perfect for Devon to take her first dog walk with (I walked Bik Wu to get Billy to follow right along) It was so cute to watch! She held the leash the whole time. I'm thinking it's the answer to our daily walk problem (Devon is distracted by EVERYTHING) But not today, she was very focused about keeping control of the leash. When we got back home, she took the leash off Billy's collar, threw up her arms and said "YAY"!


Devon's Sunday

Devon misses her Pappa (as does her Momma) She was just so used to having him around to play with all day long, and now he usually works 12 hour days. So I've decided to stop working on the wholesale side of it all for the holidays. I can give Devon all the attention she needs and still fit in new Etsy samples during her nap times (and I want to start working on our women's line again in December) Believe me, she's so much happier now that the sewing machine isn't going for 8 hours a day!
Devon loves Sundays! Pappa goes into work late, and the twins and Auntie Heidi are here all day. It's always a great time to play dress up (isn't this little ballerina leotard the cutest?) and spend time outside with the dogs...
One of Devon's favorite things to do is help Auntie Heidi make lunch. Today was egg sandwiches. Devon loves fruit, bread, cheese, eggs and yogurt. But, it's really hard for me to get her to eat meat (weird cause Isaac and I are huge meat eaters) she does love bologna, though...not sure if that counts...
calming down for nap time:)


Sample Sale

We're having our first sale ever for Devon Rose. So anyone who has a child that is 12-24m (or younger) You can buy for 50-70% original prices. All of these items were only worn by Devon once or twice and in excellent condition. Both dresses actually still even fit her at size 2T, but I'm about to make her a whole new wardrobe with tons of dresses! You can shop this sale here. I'll be adding more items this weekend:)


It's all about the shoes

I got these awesome granny boots at Skinny and Bernie. It was one of those purchases that just reaffirmed the fact that I Love Etsy! Not only is Kirsti one of the nicest sellers on there, but she has the best eye for vintage finds that I've seen in awhile..You know how easy it is to get in one of those "clothing slumps" when you work from home? You start to wear the same thing over and over and over... I'm telling you, these boots have brought me outta that. So much so, that I've decided that (for my women's line) every season will be inspired by a couple pairs of great vintage shoes...starting with these!
Coincidentally, right after I bought mine, I stumbled across these itty bitty, leather motorcycle boots for Devon. You know I had to get them, and she just LOVES them:)


Mornings are the best...

...time for snuggles and kisses!


Stop to smell the roses

Now that Isaac's always working, Devon and I are sort of without car for awhile. We try to get out of the house for a few hours everyday, by taking lots of walks. The weather here is still so warm, even in November (I'm wearing shorts today) Our neighborhood is beautiful, full of flowers, and surrounded by hills. There's this system of cement rain gutters (I guess you would call them gutters) Devon's been wanting to climb around in them forever. I know...it sounds horrible, "Today I let my daughter play in the gutter" But one of my favorite childhood memories was with my sister and my cousins, running around in the cement rain gutters in their neighborhood in Honolulu, Hawaii. She was so excited when I finally let her jump in and explore, she was practically hyperventilating:)