Midnight Gifts

Sometimes it's so hard to get a chance to see Isaac at all. The bistro/boutique that he manages throws a lot of events (wine tasting, open-mic, etc) It has him coming home at 1:00AM or even later sometimes. In the mornings he leaves for work around 10:30AM, but he's usually so tired from the night before, that he only gets up in time to shower and rush out the door again. The other night I decided that I was going to stay up (no matter what) so I could spend a little time with him. Around 12:30 he came home, and he brought food and gifts! They have collector's edition Evian bottles at Isaac's work, so I had been asking for the Christian Lacroix one...isn't it so lacey and lovely? I found the perfect rose for it in the garden too. Devon's always asking to sniff it now. She makes the funniest crinkled-nose "sniffy" face, then say's "AHHHH"!
...and he bought me this awesome scarf. It's like the perfect "grungy" accessory. It's yellow plaid flannel that's been dip-dyed navy and purple and streaked with paint! Oh, I LOOOOVE my Baby!


  1. nice gifts!!!! what a sweet man!

  2. You both are so sweet!! I hope Santa brings me mine this Christmas. :(