Billy Bones

Billy Bones came from a shelter in Oakland. I saw him on craiglist and we both fell in love with those ears. Just so happens that he's a Corgi/Pomeranian mix. Funny cause Isaac's dog (growing up) was half Corgi and mine was a Pomeranian. I don't really mention him nearly as much as Bik Wu. I guess mainly because he's always been closer to Isaac, so we decided that Billy was his and I got Bik. He's a great dog, though. Very patient and loving, perfect for Devon to take her first dog walk with (I walked Bik Wu to get Billy to follow right along) It was so cute to watch! She held the leash the whole time. I'm thinking it's the answer to our daily walk problem (Devon is distracted by EVERYTHING) But not today, she was very focused about keeping control of the leash. When we got back home, she took the leash off Billy's collar, threw up her arms and said "YAY"!


  1. Aww... I love Billy. He looks like a little fox, so cute! I think Devon is really good with all animals. In fact, she is good with all human beings too!

  2. Awwwww... so cute! Looks like Billy Bones is walking Devon in some of those pics!

  3. cute dog, cute dress, and cute BOOTS! :D