One Year Later......

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It's been a year since I've posted on this blog. Devon's about to enter the first grade! She's so different
now. She sings and counts in Chinese (since we have her in the immersion program) Isaac tests her on
walks home and it always amuses the locals in China Town to no end. Sometimes we've seen her be
excluded, being the only "non-Chinese" in her Summer program (actually she is 1/4 Chinese) It makes
us sad and reminds me that I had the same situation as a child, only the other way around (being 1/2
Chinese in a small central Texas classroom) But it doesn't really bother her too much. She always finds
the positive side to peoples actions.

Instead of "Why is she so mean?" it's "Why is she so unhappy today, Mommy?"

We have our weekends together and we try to visit as many parks as we can. She always finds a friend
or 2 or 3 to play with. She loves to dress up (and prefers it to be an actual dress) She is crazy about
Adventure Time, Hello Kitty, and really any stuffed animal on the planet. She loves to play WOW with
her Papa, and draw...and I LOVE it that she still wants to play with me all the time- right now it's

These pics are from 4th of July weekend...good times:)