Itty Bitty Bermuda's

...well, they were meant to be Bermuda's, but turned out on the longish side. They look like little skater pants (especially with the chucks) I wish you could feel this fabric! It's the sueded microfiber twill I blogged about before, and has a hand like velvet! I'm not going to post new items I make on my Etsy, until after I reopen with the new Fall line-up...but I promise it's gonna be super cute:)



It's been difficult to keep up with the blog lately, so I apologise for that. I've recently started freelancing for a children's company, and right now the deadline is fast and furious. Also, I'm excited to say that Devon Rose will be selling Fall items to Sweet William in Williamsburg Brooklyn. It's a beautiful boutique (and Bronagh offers an amazing selection) so we are every honored to have been asked to be carried there as well. I cannot offer the pieces that I make for brick and mortar shoppes on my Etsy, but I will make sure to photograph them for the blog (that way if you're in the NY area, you know where to go:) These orders and freelance work will be taking up all my time for the next few weeks, so my Etsy's have been a little neglected. I'm going to be putting them in vacation mode soon, and then reopening with all new Fall pieces for late August/early September. Devon Rose will be offering a greater size range as well! I have two new, blue-eyed beauties to model with Devon (they are size 7Y)


New Pantaloons

Pantaloon is such a funny word, but describes these high waisted shorts perfectly. I've been wanting to make Devon some nice, cropped neutral colored pants (that were comfortable) but still looked feminine. When I sourced these awesome, cotton crochet covered linen buttons, it finally gave me the inspiration to sew them up;)


How to turn your old camisole into a cute baby romper

This cotton camisole totally served its purpose as my maternity top (at least 3 days out of the week) for 9 months. And even though it's not actually a true maternity piece (it's from Urban Outfitters) I just didn't want to continue to wear anything (after the fact) that would remind me of my VERY large self during that time. I did really love the crochet inset though (and saw some beautiful crochet detailed pieces at the beach the other day) so I wanted to somehow salvage this tank.
I didn't feel like making a pattern and wanted to whip this piece out during her nap time. So I grabbed a nice fitting tank as a guide and altered the inset into a surplice that would fit her tiny frame. I restrung the twill tape (to tie at the side) and carefully hand stitched the new crochet bodice at the center front and side seam only. I hate it when a surplice is totally top stitched down, this way it has a much prettier drape.
The original tank had a cute, top stitched band detail at the bodice's center back. I cut it to be the new baby rompers back waist seam. I've had to put a lot of my sewing supplies (and my JUKI *sob*) into storage due to our speedy relocation. At the last minute, I realised that I didn't have my usual 1" elastic that I always like to use. I ended up using a soft, lacy 1/4" elastic (for lingerie) which caused it to have a much looser, drop-waisted fit. Isaac said it reminded him of the 20's (which made me happy) I love it when you improvise and come out with something even better.
I saved a scrape of the twill tape (from the bodice front) to make a little loop for the center back (it makes the romper adjustable) I just tie the crochet straps into a little slip knot at the back. I used the same short pattern that I drafted for our Summer Shades Playsuit, and now Devon's got a cute little romper to show off at the beach tomorrow:)


We're back in So Cal

Devon's been hangin' out with her cousin's Frankie and Zoey
...finally got a chance to get out of the car (in old town Albuquerque) on our looooong road trip!
...watering Grandma Gloria's garden in Las Vegas...
Our new bedroom view in Aliso Viejo, CA
...enjoying the water with Daddy at Laguna beach...
...this particular part of the beach is called a thousand steps (literally, you have to take a thousand steps to get down there....KILLS coming back up)
good to be back :)


Devon's last photo shoot

...in Dallas. We'll be making that long trip back to Southern California, so we won't be posting for a little while. I'll miss these concrete, wasteland backdrops (I thought they were a nice contrast to the sweet, pretty children's clothes) but we'll be living by the beach, so that should make for some beautiful sets. Devon's wearing our Sportster Pullups. I found the polo (and cute little mary jane sneakers) at Target. Pretty cute for only $10 total.


Seconds before the storm...

...of golf ball sized hail that destroyed every car in the parking lot (luckily ours wasn't there) Devon wanted to show off her new Chucks, so cute with our "Heart Breaker" skirt !


Cats and Dogs

Devon wears the Kitty Tank from KLTworks


1985 Track Star

...new in the shop tonight, 1985 Bike Pants...
...Track Star vest and the Super Mini...


Vintage Inspiration

Every chance I get, I head over to "Curiosities" for some instant inspiration and gratification. There's my favorite giant basket (filled to the brim with antique buttons) another holds hand crocheted laces of all kinds, and then there's the shelf (with stacks of vintage fabrics galore) Devon loves the antique doll room (which is WAY too much eye candy for her and those busy little fingers) thank goodness she was sleeping this time and I could REALLY shop.
I always find a gem there (or 2 or 3) this time it was a "Peter Rabbit-ish"
type conversational and another great vintage "Liberty of London" floral. Then it's the mad rush home to see how these new beauties hang with my "to do" list. I love it with my shot cotton and laser cut circles (gonna do a teeny, tiny ruffle skirt for Devon outta that) The others will be dresses...coming soon:)
This one's weird....it's a conversational of little animals doing mostly happy things like, hanging out together, gathering vegetables and stuff like that...except this one scene...with these poor rats in shackles (being hauled off by the police dog) Kinda strange subject matter for a children's print.


Almighty Aphrodite

Our new little black dress, inspired by my brother's "kitty" Cat.


Blog lovin'

Devon and I get giddy when we receive shiny, happy blog lovin'. We were featured on Christine's and Christina's beautiful blogs (totally co-incidental on the names, and they both live in Dallas too) Now, we want to send some blog lovin' back out into the universe...

I've always been a sucker for weekly fashion diaries of random cute girls (common in my favorite Japanese zines) I've thought about doing a posting of Devon's personal style for one week (when she's ready to choose her own outfits) then I found Pippi Parade, an entire blog devoted to documenting an adorable toddler's eclectic style. See Pippi layer it up, and work it out everyday. Rock that tutu, Pippi!


Refreshed Citrus Sundress

... just came across an old sample that I made for our boutique, last summer. I had mistakenly made it humongous, so Devon only wore it once (for our quick photo shoot). You can check out the old pics here. It's crazy how much she's grown, and you can see that she's swimming in it. I decided to rework the back placket and add covered buttons, in the cute printed lining (as opposed to the one loop and green eyelet shank from last season). I also added shirring to the center front neckline and trimmed an inch off the lining hem. Check out our new listing here:)