Vintage Inspiration

Every chance I get, I head over to "Curiosities" for some instant inspiration and gratification. There's my favorite giant basket (filled to the brim with antique buttons) another holds hand crocheted laces of all kinds, and then there's the shelf (with stacks of vintage fabrics galore) Devon loves the antique doll room (which is WAY too much eye candy for her and those busy little fingers) thank goodness she was sleeping this time and I could REALLY shop.
I always find a gem there (or 2 or 3) this time it was a "Peter Rabbit-ish"
type conversational and another great vintage "Liberty of London" floral. Then it's the mad rush home to see how these new beauties hang with my "to do" list. I love it with my shot cotton and laser cut circles (gonna do a teeny, tiny ruffle skirt for Devon outta that) The others will be dresses...coming soon:)
This one's weird....it's a conversational of little animals doing mostly happy things like, hanging out together, gathering vegetables and stuff like that...except this one scene...with these poor rats in shackles (being hauled off by the police dog) Kinda strange subject matter for a children's print.

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  1. Omg, the shop looks so cool. I can already see a few interesting toys I'd want to have from the pic!