Refreshed Citrus Sundress

... just came across an old sample that I made for our boutique, last summer. I had mistakenly made it humongous, so Devon only wore it once (for our quick photo shoot). You can check out the old pics here. It's crazy how much she's grown, and you can see that she's swimming in it. I decided to rework the back placket and add covered buttons, in the cute printed lining (as opposed to the one loop and green eyelet shank from last season). I also added shirring to the center front neckline and trimmed an inch off the lining hem. Check out our new listing here:)


  1. your daughter is adorable and the clothes you make are super sweet!

  2. emily,
    that would be fine with me if you did a post of pippi parade! it has been so much fun documenting her wardrobe!

  3. I adore this dress! I was just peeking around your shop and this is the one that spoke to me. My daughter would look so adorable in it :O) Time to start saving for it. Your little girl is so precious!