How to turn your old camisole into a cute baby romper

This cotton camisole totally served its purpose as my maternity top (at least 3 days out of the week) for 9 months. And even though it's not actually a true maternity piece (it's from Urban Outfitters) I just didn't want to continue to wear anything (after the fact) that would remind me of my VERY large self during that time. I did really love the crochet inset though (and saw some beautiful crochet detailed pieces at the beach the other day) so I wanted to somehow salvage this tank.
I didn't feel like making a pattern and wanted to whip this piece out during her nap time. So I grabbed a nice fitting tank as a guide and altered the inset into a surplice that would fit her tiny frame. I restrung the twill tape (to tie at the side) and carefully hand stitched the new crochet bodice at the center front and side seam only. I hate it when a surplice is totally top stitched down, this way it has a much prettier drape.
The original tank had a cute, top stitched band detail at the bodice's center back. I cut it to be the new baby rompers back waist seam. I've had to put a lot of my sewing supplies (and my JUKI *sob*) into storage due to our speedy relocation. At the last minute, I realised that I didn't have my usual 1" elastic that I always like to use. I ended up using a soft, lacy 1/4" elastic (for lingerie) which caused it to have a much looser, drop-waisted fit. Isaac said it reminded him of the 20's (which made me happy) I love it when you improvise and come out with something even better.
I saved a scrape of the twill tape (from the bodice front) to make a little loop for the center back (it makes the romper adjustable) I just tie the crochet straps into a little slip knot at the back. I used the same short pattern that I drafted for our Summer Shades Playsuit, and now Devon's got a cute little romper to show off at the beach tomorrow:)

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  1. Omg, this is lovely and very innovative! Now I can stop giving away all the old clothes I have and save them for my future daughter! lol. Thanks for the idea!