Welcome Spring

Devon Rose is back, and we're starting to list our new Spring line! I decided to list just a few pieces a day, since I haven't (yet) really invested in any type of advertising (other than this here bloggity blog) so listing and relisting is key. You can check out more pics of Devon in our "Floral Flannels" and "Rosebud Racerback" here. She was such a champ, you can't even tell that she has a cold (poor little stuffy head)


Trading is the best

Yay! Devon got her sweater from TheAnecdotes today! Jacqueline was so kind to trade merchandise with us (and so patient since I approached her about it way back in October) At the time, I was looking for a specific marigold colored sweater and stumbled upon her super cute boutique while searching around Etsy. In the end, I decided to go with Wesley (she gives all her sweaters very personal names, which is so adorable and so fitting since you can tell by their construction that they are her babies) Not that I didn't love Claudio as well (actually it was a tough decision) but Devon and I are super happy with this trade and we hope Jacqueline feels the same way:)


Rainy day sewing continued...

I bought this headband from Babooshka a few weeks ago, and I've decided that it's just the perfect accessory for someone with a mane like myself. I was born with this head full of REALLY thick wavy, coarse hair that's prone to frizziness (which is why I wonder how Devon got such baby fine hair) Anyways, Isaac always wants me to wear it down. He says he likes it "wild and crazy", but I always just feel like it's sorta, well...."poofy" This headband is thick enough to strap down those "poofies" and just adds that little bit of somethin' to your outfit.
Plus, I discovered they are SUPER easy to make.....so I made a bunch (I would have made more, if I had more knit color choices in my fabric stash) Now everyday's a headband day!


Rainy day sewing

It rained here for about a week straight, so there was plenty of extra time for some "rainy day sewing". We decided Devon needed a few further additions to her MOD wardrobe. I had just enough chenille left over for a cozy, "grungy grampa" cardi and like, every model needs a pair of leopard print leggings. Since it had finally stopped raining, Heidi and the girls took us to Fashion Island... where she was sort of cranky...
ok...REALLY cranky...
until she got her Pinkberry.... thank goodness for chocolate:)


Pointelle set and pet

Here's a little update on kids stuff:
I just shipped a size run of our organic pointelle sets to Little Bean Shop.
They look great layered with pretty, floral cotton dresses...perfect for transition into Spring (which I'm finally beginning to sew on now for our Etsy Shop)
Look for Devon Rose's reopening at the end of the month:)
A little family update:
Devon wanted everyone to meet her new friend...Boo Boo!


Following Thru

This year, my New Year's resolutions are to lose 10 pounds by February 23rd, and NO more nail biting...EVER! So far, so good on both. I actually have nails right now (first time in a long time) It's always been a bad habit of mine... since I can remeber...well....anything, I was destroying my nails. When I was a kid, I would bite them down so far that they would bleed (gross, I know) My Mom would try to help me out by doing things like dipping my hands in hot sauce...no use. When I got older, going in for regular sets of acrylics got me to stop completely, but acrylics are expensive to maintain (and Isaac was never really into the whole fake nail thing...even though I had found an awesome nail tech, I miss you Christy) It was actually something that Isaac had said that got me to want to stop for good. He said that "my fingers looked like TOES"....ouch! Well, that and the fact that I now see Devon has picked up my bad habit... ...and her little hands are way too cute for that...

The "lose 10 pounds by February's 23rd" (mine and Isaac's 6 year wedding anniversary) is a farewell to that last little bit of preggy weight that I was never able to lose. I packed it on too...went from 120 to 197 pounds! I should have listened to my doctor when she kept telling me that I was gaining weight too fast, but I didn't want to hear it. All I wanted was my Double/Double w/cheese combo and an extra large Coke. After I had Devon, I dropped weight fast (with no effort) to about 140 pounds and then just stayed there...20 pounds heavier than my pre-preggy self...bahh!

In Texas, I gained about 5 pounds (Texas has a lot of really good food) Isaac gained weight too....20 pounds! (which he's already lost) We just weighed ourselves a couple days ago, after seriously cutting back on our food intake...he lost 20 pounds and I've lost 8 since we moved back to California in July. It's been difficult to not snack too, let me tell ya. Right now, our kitchen holds: Cheddar Cheese Crisps, Butter Waffle Cookies, 2 different kinds of Pita Chips, Mint Chocolate Ice Cream Cookies...and the list goes on (none of which I bought by the way...I'm not trying to torture myself here)

So, my weight 2 weeks ago (at the start of my diet/exercise routine) was 135. I'm now at 130. I've lost an inch at my waist (from 28 to 27) and 1/2 off my thighs and arms. I only have 5 more pounds to lose to get to my goal weight of 125 pounds. But it's not just the weight that I want to lose....I want to regain my ab muscles! I've been working out every day for the last 10 days to a video that I can watch instantly thru my Netflix membership "Trainer's Edge: Killer Abs and Back with Michael Olajide" It is INCREDIBLE! I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a really challenging, fast paced workout. It uses a lot of boxing moves...which I LOVE and Michael sports an awesome silver eye patch!

On another note, I received a "Sunshine" blog award from ByRheea! It's presented to "bloggers who positivity and creativity inspire others in the blog world." It's something that I strive to do, although I'm not sure how inspiring I've been lately (since my blog has kinda taken a backseat in order for me to finish up wholesale orders and work on Spring) But Rheea is one of the most inspiring and creative people I've had the pleasure of meeting in the blog world (and her blog has moved me to tears) Thanks so much for being you, Rheea! Another great blog that everyone should visit often is Belen's. Her "Wednesday Weigh-in" post was what actually inspired me to want to blog about my own weight loss adventure.



Crayola Cap

I just shipped a size run of our Crayola Cardigans to Little Bean, and made Devon this cap with the remnants. It's so cute with her new red hoody (it used to have a YouTube logo on it) You can get the cutest hoot owl iron on's, trees, and babushka matryoshka doll's here.


A few of my favorite things...

I went a little nuts on Etsy this holiday season. I bought all my gifts (besides Devon's trike) from there and couldn't help but buy a few for myself as well (Merry Christmas to me, heehee) Here's some of my very favorite recent Etsy purchases...All my earrings have always been these huge hoops or super long, dangley chain things, so I've been looking around for some studs. I wanted something a little rough, organic and usual. LilaRubyKings "rough green pebble studs" totally fit the bill. They arrived in the most beautiful little fabric pouch that was shaped like a flower bud. There are so many other things that I'm in love with in Anna's store. Most of all, I would DIE over her "Irregular link chain necklace". I think it would be the perfect anniversary present....hint hint:)
This heathered sweater from AllenCompanyInc was the perfect find for just hanging around the house. When you work from home it's easy to sacrifice style for comfort. This has plenty of both.
This is my new favorite Tee from Thief and Bandit (don't you just love that name) In fact, I'm wearing it right now. I was already sold on that knife print, but then they laid it out in a sexy corset shape and made it even better!
My new 2010 leather planner from MyHandBoundBooks. I bought last years planner from Rhonda, and I'll get next years from her as well.


Happy New Year!

...may you find time to have fun everyday:)