Rainy day sewing

It rained here for about a week straight, so there was plenty of extra time for some "rainy day sewing". We decided Devon needed a few further additions to her MOD wardrobe. I had just enough chenille left over for a cozy, "grungy grampa" cardi and like, every model needs a pair of leopard print leggings. Since it had finally stopped raining, Heidi and the girls took us to Fashion Island... where she was sort of cranky...
ok...REALLY cranky...
until she got her Pinkberry.... thank goodness for chocolate:)


  1. LOL. She looks so adorable even when she's feeling cranky. Kids will be kids.. ice cream always does the magic eh. I'm a big kid too. ;)

  2. love the leggings!!! i think wednesday would be a good day to get together!!!

  3. second picture. her face. SO precious and funny! :D