The Perfect Accessory

new shoes
Devon's definitely (already) a "shoe girl". We scored these adorable gladiators from Zara,
but really we need to be thinking about "back to school". I'm in love with these Frye boots.... frye boots
... the perfect accessory to all the new dresses I'll be making her in August:)


Her new favorite thing...


 ...skin art! Devon's workin on her sleeves ;P

Check out this pic. It's the first time she wore this "Liberty of London" dress that I made her

.. can't believe it still fits her!


Vintage Kick

 Cutest Keds and Levi's jacket from little reader vintage


My new favorite thing...


...linen coffee filters at gds cloth goods

I've been using mine two to three times a day. It washes out beautifully and I feel like the coffee tastes better too:)


Mr. Gaultier

g9 g1 g6 G8 g7 g5 g3 g4

This show is total eye candy! Mannequins looking freakishly alive since their faces 

are projections of "real motion" models. So they can sing, wink, and "talk" to you while

you check out all the intricate detailing on EVERYTHING...and you're allowed to 

photograph EVERYTHING...way better than the Balenciaga exhibit (although I am a big

fan of his as well) but I could stay here for days...


Happy Fathers Day!

This is one of my favorite pics of Devon with her papa. Hope everyone has a wonderful day spending time with their father! Ours will be pretty chill, but we are taking Devon to the Circus Center to see Wonderland this afternoon:)




grad girl
Well, here it's been months and months again and I haven't made a peep on this 
sad and lonely blog. I'm not really sure why it's been so hard for me to get back 
into the swing of it again, but I think it's mainly because I had been forced out of
the habit by our relocation to San Francisco while I was without Internet access 
for such a long period of time. Also, I have been re-thinking my life and what I 
would like to focus on. I do know that I would really like to keep this blog going 
for friends and family and really anyone who is interested in whats going on with 
Devon, her creative ventures, things that I have designed and sewn for her (soon
 there might even be things on here that Devon has sewn and designed for herself) 
and also anything and everything that I can get on here that inspires us! That being
 said, a quick update on Devon: She had her pre-school graduation last week and
 is super excited to be attending kindergarten in August! In fact, August will be a
 particularly active time for us since we will also be moving to a new location in SF
 and all of us will celebrate our birthdays that month. ...a quick update on designing: 
I am no longer working on the children's line "Devon Rose" for sale on Etsy. I will 
still be designing and sewing clothing for Devon's personal wardrobe and I've 
amassed quite a stash of fabrics from working this past year at Britex. We'll
 eventually re-open the Devon Rose Etsy again to sell gently worn items that I've 
made for Devon (that she has outgrown) at a greatly reduced price, as well as pieces 
from Devon's ever-growing vintage collection. I am in the midst of creating a new 
women's line that will be available for sale on-line in September...so anyways, 
I'm hoping to get back into the groove of blogging again:)
Please enjoy these pics of Devon...
dolores park 4
...playing music in Dolores Park
hangin' out
...modeling her new sequin purse (she woke up one morning and decided that the
 perfect accessory had to be a shiny,black bag and she did not stop shopping 
until she found one) 
...mug shot on Easter morning
... with Lady Rainicorn!


Wish list...

tea towel
...for the kitchen, dots linen tea towel
...for Devon's room, crochet valentine garland
dream cather clock
...for our room, dream catcher clock
rustic table
...for the living room, rustic coffee table
kids growth chart
...for Devon, chalkboard growth chart


Year Of The Dragon

chinese new year banner
Happy Chinese New Year! It's my favorite sign of the Chinese zodiac, so when one of my co-workers suggested a Chinese New Year themed board for this months floor visual, I jumped on it. Gregory made the gnome for the "do not touch" sign (who I originally found in the mouth of my dragon) but I just couldn't deal...this is super serious stuff!  Even though I'm not born under the year of the dragon (I'm an Ox) I have a dragon tattoo wrapped around my forearm, as well as the Chinese character for "dragon" tattooed on the center of my chest. To me it's always been about what the dragon represents, which is "inner-strength" and the symbol for "rebirth of the soul" (also it's not really very sexy to have "Ox" square in the middle of your chest either) The dragon was so completely appropriate for the time in my life when I got these tattoos. I had been slacking around forever, trying to figure out what really inspired me and then it hit me (and I worked my ass off for a really long time) but had a great time doing it as well! I got to the very top of that mountain, then decided to jump off. I've spent a lot of wasted time regretting that decision. Now I've finally come full circle and see that it all had to happen... it was another lesson that I needed to learn and it's finally hit me again like a BRICK... and I think I need another dragon tattoo surrounded by roses:)


Rainbow Slubs

jacket 4
I love so many of these amazing murals all over China Town, it makes living here so worth it. Devon really understands how to work the space here and enjoyed modeling our latest Rainbow Slub Sweater I apologise that I haven't really been into stocking our Etsy or working on the blog, but all of that is about to change.