Better late then never

devon satsuki2
maggie and devon
Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! I had all these ideas poppin' around my head for Devon's costume this year, but she wanted to be Satsuki from "My Neighbor Totoro" so that worked out great since it was just an orange jumper and yellow top kind a thing:) Isaac and I took her trick-or-treating on some insanly packed street in the "Marina/Pac Heights" area where she quickly filled her bug bag. When we got home, I realised that she had scored two more bags full of candy from school...sugar! sugar! sugar!!!
blk white elvis
gregory mushroom
We had a costume contest at work...I came as "Elvis in the 80's" but everyone thought that I was Michael Jackson (I got one "Artist formerly known as Prince" too) There were some really amazing outfits, but there was no beating Gregory the Gnome. He later showed me some pics that he took in the Castro where a group of like 5 gnomes tracked him down to get some "gnomie" pics...so hilarious!

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  1. How cute! Her little outfit looks like something that could be incorporated into her everyday wardrobe too- that's nice! The gnome made me smile, and you can count me in with the people who mistook you for MJ. ;-)