School Days

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Devon's first day of school was beautiful. I wish I could have gone to a school like this (my school was like a box) this place is total eye candy.... everywhere! It's like straight out of a fairytale, they even have miniature ponies. So, I'm happy to report that neither of us cried and she made friends right away. By day two she was like a pro, a quick kiss goodbye for Mom and Dad and she's out the door.There's definitely things that I remember from the age of three, so I'm hoping she remembers this place:)


Textured Denim Pieces

denim trousers 2

denim pants 1

denim dress 1

denim dress 2

Been working on Spring stuff for Sweet William. I was looking for engineer stripes, but found this beautiful textured denim much more interesting (and it's crisp, but still has a really soft hand). So happy I still had enough left over to make some cute little trousers for Devon to wear (since suddenly she's growing out of all of her pants) Just wanted to say that I'm really sorry I haven't been on it lately with posting. Things seem all over the place and next week Devon starts school. Will she cry or will I?


Babiekins Magazine

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babiekins 12
YAY! The latest issue of Babiekins magazine is out, and I finally got to see the pictures that Devon shot in San Diego for this beautiful vintage photo shoot styled by my friend Heather and shot by Allie Lindsey. You can also read our feature in issue 4 here, thanks so much Priscila!



sunglasses 1
...is how we're feeling most days
So we've been shooting a lot, trying to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine and snails.
shoes and snail

Sorry to disappear, we have limited internet access right now, but I'm still trying to get new product up quickly...fiending to go fabric shopping (right now, it's all about window shopping)
Devon had a growth spurt this week, I think. She going to be starting pre-school on the 22nd. We love this place! It has a petting zoo with swans, peacocks, the biggest tepee EVER, and a reading nook that looks like a hobbit house. First thing out of her mouth was " Wow, Mom! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!"