Tea Party Dress

Tea Party
Devon's cousin, Zoe gave her this little "Garden Tea Party" dress. I believe it was handmade in France and a gift from Nonie. Devon said she felt like a princess when she put it on.
tea dress

Here’s one of our “Tea Party” dresses that I just sent off to a nine-month-old client. Her mother was checking out our sold items and fell in love with our Polka Dots and Petals dress. It was a one of a kind piece, but the substitute seersucker also works wonderfully with the original embroidered, polka dot cotton. We hope it makes her feel like a princess:)


The Bright Side

Just a few weeks into a brand new year and already it seems that things are super chaotic. It would be so easy to slip back into that negative mind frame that I've been trying so hard to escape from. I read this the other day and it made me smile: "Whenever things seem to have gone terribly wrong, choose to see it as having gone tremendously well for reasons that are not yet apparent" It's my new favorite life lesson- so many lessons lately... things can't always be so serious though. Thank goodness for playtime, play dough and perfect peanut butter and jellies!


Holiday Sewing

Happy New Year! Our family was lucky enough to have the free time this season to spend together (did a lot of playing) but I also did a lot of sewing over the holidays and wanted to share some pictures of the finished products made with core materials purchased on Etsy.
mom's bag
I made this purse for my Mom, modeled it after a vintage "weekender" bag. It seemed like it could be best used for toting around her quilting or crochet projects. The awesome 60's vintage print cotton was sourced from MoonParade . I highly recommend her to anyone who sews (or enjoys any kind of crafting) Reina ships very quickly, is super sweet, and always ties my packages together with some kind of amazing trim (which I always use later) as a ribbon.
dads nano case
I also made this Ipod Nano case for my Dad, I wanted it to look like an authentic, Chinese "little happy bundle" So, I found this hand stamped muslin ribbon at Kawaiigoodies. It was the first time I had purchased anything from this seller, but it arrived very quickly and was the perfect touch for this present. I'm embarrassed to write that I'm still working on presents for my sister and niece (and my brother's birthday which is right around the corner)
interview 2

This batch order for babybird set me back a bit. She bought up all the last pieces of my cashmere for our little bonnets....and now I'm movin' onto Spring:)