Tea Party Dress

Tea Party
Devon's cousin, Zoe gave her this little "Garden Tea Party" dress. I believe it was handmade in France and a gift from Nonie. Devon said she felt like a princess when she put it on.
tea dress

Here’s one of our “Tea Party” dresses that I just sent off to a nine-month-old client. Her mother was checking out our sold items and fell in love with our Polka Dots and Petals dress. It was a one of a kind piece, but the substitute seersucker also works wonderfully with the original embroidered, polka dot cotton. We hope it makes her feel like a princess:)


  1. She looks like a little princess..and I am sure the little client will love her dress..

  2. oh my goodness, that dress in the second image is super adorbs. oh gees, if only i could catch a glimpse into my future to know if i ever have a baby girl, i'd buy that from you in a heartbeat. <3

  3. Shes just but a sweet heart!
    Your Amazin you know that!!
    Shes a lucky little girl, plus that dress is WOW the details are amazing!