Headband for Molly

When I bought this cute crochet daisy trim, I thought it would make some great little headbands. But then it ended up getting draped across our curtain rod. It made such a pretty garland, that I'd forgotten about the headbands until I ran across a posting in the Etsy forums the other day. It was in regards to a little girl named Molly, who was diagnosed with cancer during her 2 year old "well child" examination. The posting was from a friend looking for headbands for little Molly "since she would be losing all of her hair soon." She sent me this link so I could find out more on Molly's story. My heart goes out to her and her family. I hope this little headband makes her smile:)


Mega Muse

Devon and I had a blast shooting these new OOAK items for our shop today. She ran around finding props like flowers and blowing kisses at me while peeking around light posts...
I saw this beautiful rosebud tree, and thought it would make such a lovely backdrop for our Geisha Garden Dress. So, I carefully placed her in a strategic spot and (since she ended up getting mud in her sandal) she walked right out of the shot immediately, and wasn't game to try it again. Fortunately, I was able to capture the shot and her inspection of the muddy sandal caused her to strike this great little pose (sometimes I get lucky)
But, my favorite part of today was when she decided that jumping up and down would be the best way to model our Yellow Rose Loungers...what a natural:)


Chocolate kiss

Happy Valentines Day! I hope you're all having a lovely one:) The twins had their Valentines school party on Friday, so the kitchen is full of heart shaped chocolates, suckers, and pink 3 Musketeers. I keep trying to hide them all from her, but Devon always seems to spot them anyway. Or she'll find some one's empty wrapper somewhere and then it's "Uh-oh...uh-oh...uh-oh" (as she moves closer until the wrapper is right in my face) until I finally give in after the 10th or so "uh-oh" in a row. And since it's a holiday, I let her have more than usual, but she always thanks me with chocolate kisses and those are the best!

Shop Update: If you have a sec, check out our new Spring banner! Special thanks to my brother's Kitty Cat for all of her help:)


Crochet wings and "girlie grunge"

I reworked our LWN henley into a Spring tank! I love the way the larger crochet lace gives a "little fairy wing" effect at the armholes. The leggings are a lightweight flannel that reminds me of vintage Laura Ashley. They're a little on the large side for Devon, but this was the first time that I showed her something that I had made for her, and she immediately wanted to put in on. Usually with Devon "the less clothing, the better".


Shop Update

In store next week: I'm knee deep in pattern work for our new Spring dresses (also working on a new play suit and jacket) This week: Yet another cute pant, our Crochet Crop Leggings. The essential layering piece for your daughters Spring wardrobe. Look for our OOAK lightweight flannels in various vintage rose prints and our updated crochet trimmed, sleeveless henleys:)



Devon went to the DiscoveryCube for the first time on Sunday. I really wish I would have remembered to shoot video of her, so I could share with everyone the sheer ridiculousness of certain moments. Needless to say, she was "lights out" super early that night. Man, we gotta get out of the house more often! BTW, this was the first time Devon had worn her new sweater from TheAnecdotes out, and everywhere we went I could hear people commenting on how cute it was! So Jacquelyn (if your reading this) it was a huge hit!


Tiny Rosebud Cami

So wouldn't you know that the moment I decide to rant and rave about how much Devon loves photo shoots, the next one is like the CRANKIEST shoot ever! Luckily it's pretty hard to take a bad picture of her. I think she must be having a growth spurt right now cause she's been sleeping for the last three hours. Poor thing is probably all achey muscles (and here I am like ..."look at Mommy, smile for Mommy, stand up for Mommy") She's so over Mommy right now...


Our Morning Ritual

Now that I've reopened our Children's Etsy, daily photo shoots have become part of our morning ritual, and I wanted to share with everyone some of my favorite photos that I didn't post in our shop. Looking back through this blog, I can't even believe how much Devon has changed (and constantly taking her picture has really turned her into the perfect little muse) It's strange though (and lucky for me) since it's also part of our morning ritual that she absolutely refuses to get her diaper changed, or put on any type of clothing what-so-ever! It's always a mad chase around the house which usually ends up with some tears...but once the camera comes out she's ready to go!
Still another morning ritual is my daily workout to Killer Back and Abs with Micheal Olajide. Just wanted to give everyone an update on my progress toward my goal weight of 125 by Feb. 23rd. I'm now at 128! Since January 3rd, I've worked out almost everyday to this video (besides 3 days that were not consecutive) and it has made a huge difference! My jeans fit completely differently now (yes, I was squeezing my size 28 waist into 27's for awhile) and I'm now starting to see the 6 pack definition in my abs...YAY! Yet, the skin right under my bellybutton is still not as tight as I would like. Is this what they mean when they say " having a baby changes your mid section forever"? BE GONE, loose skin! Noooo....I promise you, I WILL be ripped by Feb. 23rd! I've also made it a rule "no more food after 6pm" This is crucial cause I've always been a cracker snacker.
Anyways, this morning exercise routine works well for me, since it's also part of our ritual that I wake up 2 hours prior to Devon almost everyday. So, while I'm jumping around, she's peacefully slumbering. Although, when she gets older, I'd love for us to exercise together...she'd look so cute in teeny tiny workout gear:)