Chocolate kiss

Happy Valentines Day! I hope you're all having a lovely one:) The twins had their Valentines school party on Friday, so the kitchen is full of heart shaped chocolates, suckers, and pink 3 Musketeers. I keep trying to hide them all from her, but Devon always seems to spot them anyway. Or she'll find some one's empty wrapper somewhere and then it's "Uh-oh...uh-oh...uh-oh" (as she moves closer until the wrapper is right in my face) until I finally give in after the 10th or so "uh-oh" in a row. And since it's a holiday, I let her have more than usual, but she always thanks me with chocolate kisses and those are the best!

Shop Update: If you have a sec, check out our new Spring banner! Special thanks to my brother's Kitty Cat for all of her help:)


  1. look at those lips!!! off to check out the banner

  2. Anonymous15/2/10 00:06

    mwah! lovely banner too :) x

  3. Haha, how could you ever say no to that face? So adorable! :) Lovely blog!!

  4. Such a sweetie! I like the look of your blog ~ very nice! I'm slowly getting my organized :)

    Cathy of BabbidgePatch

  5. I want some chocolate kisses too! Uh-oh~~~

    Ps: Thanks for sharing your tarot cards reading experience with me. I didn't know a tarot reading could be so detailed, it sounded like some fortune telling! I'll keep a look out for such tarot reader.. or train myself to become one. hehe.

    Also, lovely new banner!


  6. Since I'm spending the entire semester in an elementary classroom, I got more than my fair share of candy for Valentine's day this year. It was AWESOME. Hope you guys had a good one!

    p.s. The banner looks great! The cross-stitch font adds a sweet touch.