Our Morning Ritual

Now that I've reopened our Children's Etsy, daily photo shoots have become part of our morning ritual, and I wanted to share with everyone some of my favorite photos that I didn't post in our shop. Looking back through this blog, I can't even believe how much Devon has changed (and constantly taking her picture has really turned her into the perfect little muse) It's strange though (and lucky for me) since it's also part of our morning ritual that she absolutely refuses to get her diaper changed, or put on any type of clothing what-so-ever! It's always a mad chase around the house which usually ends up with some tears...but once the camera comes out she's ready to go!
Still another morning ritual is my daily workout to Killer Back and Abs with Micheal Olajide. Just wanted to give everyone an update on my progress toward my goal weight of 125 by Feb. 23rd. I'm now at 128! Since January 3rd, I've worked out almost everyday to this video (besides 3 days that were not consecutive) and it has made a huge difference! My jeans fit completely differently now (yes, I was squeezing my size 28 waist into 27's for awhile) and I'm now starting to see the 6 pack definition in my abs...YAY! Yet, the skin right under my bellybutton is still not as tight as I would like. Is this what they mean when they say " having a baby changes your mid section forever"? BE GONE, loose skin! Noooo....I promise you, I WILL be ripped by Feb. 23rd! I've also made it a rule "no more food after 6pm" This is crucial cause I've always been a cracker snacker.
Anyways, this morning exercise routine works well for me, since it's also part of our ritual that I wake up 2 hours prior to Devon almost everyday. So, while I'm jumping around, she's peacefully slumbering. Although, when she gets older, I'd love for us to exercise together...she'd look so cute in teeny tiny workout gear:)


  1. OMG! At your rate, you'll be at 125 by, like, tomorrow! Yay! You're success is definitely encouraging. And thanks for your support, it means soooo much.

    I'm leaning towards a dress by the way. But I'm going through a lot of ideas because I'm not quite sure yet exactly what kind of dress fits me, yknow? I'm thinking something around a height waist, a-line dress that stops at my knees. I seem to have more luck with that. I'll need to up load pictures of me in dress to give you an idea, haha.

    And thanks thanks thanks, you're AMAZING.

    Devon is such a doll. I love seeing her in these pictures and seeing how much she's grown since I first started following your blog! :D Much love to you and your family.

  2. i love that skirt!!!! that is so pip she knows every morning before we leave to do anything we take a photo! good for you on the workouts!! i might need to try that video.

  3. I have to tell you that the baby version of the Chanel jacket is one of my favorite things ever!

  4. Your little girl is adorable!!!!

  5. Wow.. congrats!.. you're basically almost at your goal!

  6. what a sweet blog and your little girl is delightful ;-)

  7. she is precious! what a sweet little face she has!

  8. Love these photos and the pretty skirt!

    Congrats on your weight losing program. Having that 6 pack is soooo tempting. I've got to check out the video! All the best, Emily.. you're doing great (keeping yourself away from the snacks). xoxo.