Welcome Spring

Devon Rose is back, and we're starting to list our new Spring line! I decided to list just a few pieces a day, since I haven't (yet) really invested in any type of advertising (other than this here bloggity blog) so listing and relisting is key. You can check out more pics of Devon in our "Floral Flannels" and "Rosebud Racerback" here. She was such a champ, you can't even tell that she has a cold (poor little stuffy head)


  1. Oh gees, seeing these pictures reminds me of how there was this arm rest to my family couch growing up that I LOVED sitting on. I have no idea why, but it was the only place I really enjoyed sitting, haha.

    And I'm definitely flipping through magazines and looking everywhere online for ideas! :D

  2. Oh my, Devon is so flexible! The last time I could do a blend like that was what.. 16 years ago?? I was a chinese dancer then. Ha! Now my bones have rusted.

    I hope she feels well soon! Hugs from me and Nono.~

  3. Aww, what a cutie patootie!

  4. I just found your blog,,and I have to say I love your daughters name,,as mine is also Devon,,we spell it the right way,,and yes I am also ready for spring..


  5. You have a lovely shop (and an even lovelier model!).

  6. I'm always happy to hear the word spring in the middle of winter:)

    Great blog by the way! I'm glad to have stumbled onto it through the etsy forums.