Every Girl Needs...

                                                   ...a skirt for twirling:)


Roo Pocket

It's so much fun designing the new children's collection with Devon on advisory board, and
she definitely knows what she wants .This knit dress that I just made her was originally
intended to have a lip shaped "kangaroo pocket" (to keep her little mitts warm) but as soon
as she heard the word "kangaroo," she was adamant that the pocket open only at the top.
How could warmth be more important than having a place to store your "Roo" and
"Mom, can we please go to the Disney store and find a Roo for my pocket?"


Time for Us

Happy 2014 everyone! So excited for the fresh start that a new calendar year always brings. These last
few years have been about rebuilding our lives as a family, and now we are finally at a place where we
can begin to move forward together. I have a pretty long list of resolutions (all important) but at the top
will always be to make more time for us:)