Dress Madness

I finally shipped out all these wool plaid dresses to Sweet William (wish Devon could have kept one cause it makes a great Thanksgiving frock) This was the first time I've sized production all the way up to 6Y and the dresses looked so huge to me. I'm going to try and knock out some new product for our Etsy for Christmas, but I've still got a couple more dress styles I'm working on for Sweet William (and I decided that this Christmas I'm going to try and hand make the majority of my gifts) Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Great Mane

Ok, now bunnies always make me smile (and Sonja Elizabeth Ahlers makes the cutest bunns ever) but she really out did herself with the creation of this little guy, lion's mane hat and leopard pants...sweet!


Farmers Market Muse

There's something really comforting about this brown flannel plaid. It makes me think of grandpa farmers (not the cranky kind) the jolly ones that make you lemonade, hang out on the porch swing, and tell you stories. It was this train of thought that led me to recall a great place to shoot, Sam's Farmers Market! Snapping away in front of the mural was a given, but when I brought Devon over to the produce, she totally worked it out like a pro. I was like "Let's get a shot over here by these lemons"

"OK, Momma" but she doesn't just stand by the lemons, she picks some up and cradles them for a super sweet shot:)


Brownie Points

I've been making the majority of Devon's clothing ever since she was 6 months old. So usually she doesn't even bat an eyelash when I present her with a new piece. But now she's finally getting to that age where she LOVES getting new clothes, YAY! When I gave her this little Suede n Shearling jacket, she hugged it and said "Thank you, Momma!"

Right now my sewing room is covered in chocolate brown wool plaid (I'm working on an 18 piece order for Sweet William) so new product is slow in our shop right now, but I'm hoping to post a couple more offerings on Sunday (in brownie shades too, since I'm in a "chocolaty" sorta mood)



Night Light

I just finished a batch of these corduroy smocks for Sweet William. I had made some culottes for Devon from the same fabric before, but I'm lovin' it as a little holiday dress much, much more. Now, I'm taking a tiny break from sewing this weekend. Devon's sleeping next to me as I'm writing this in the dark by the light of my closet (I like to write blog posts in my journal and then type them up later) So, yes... she's still sleeping with Isaac and I (only now she takes up MUCH more room) and she's a kicker. Once, she bicycle kicked me in the forehead so hard that when I woke up the next morning, I had an actual dent in my head. Right now, she's sleeping with a little tissue in her hand (to Devon a tissue is the "cure all" for everything) Itchy nose? tissue. Little boo-boo? "no band-aid, Mommy..TISSUE!" But anyways, even though I'm looking at her right now and she looks HUMONGOUS, I'm really in no hurry to move her into a bed of her own...is that weird? I mean, soon she'll be going to school, and she'll want to be "Little Miss Independent" and then I'll be the one that needs a tissue.