Park Days

zohanna and devon

I love my weekends with Devon. Sundays are park days and we have two favorite parks close by.
Both are beautiful, but we prefer the one with the view of the Cathedral. Center display is the
most gorgeous fountain (perfect for making wishes) and people are all about their doggies there.
It's also the place where we met Zohanna. The very first time they met, she and Devon instantly
connected, smiling and laughing as if they'd always known each other. The next morning, before
she even got out of bed, Devon asked me:

"Do you remember the little girl from the park yesterday?"
"Well, I'm sad because I'll never get to see her again"

So I figured it was definitely worth it to try and go back that afternoon- Maybe she would be there
again and we could exchange numbers? So we went, and she was there! It's almost refreshing to
me that she's been able to make friends outside of the already "clicky" group of girls she goes to
school with. Her grandmother told me that Devon is one of Zohanna's first friends (as she's
younger than Devon and doesn't go to public school yet)

As I'm sitting here watching them laughing and taking turns pushing each other on the swings, the
bells on the Cathedral just started to chime songs- looooong songs.... maybe for Christmas? I
don't know but it's so beautiful (even though slightly out of tune) and the birds are chirping and the
sun is shining....It's almost Thanksgiving and I'm wearing a tee-shirt, denim vest and jeans.
There's not a cloud in the perfect blue sky.


Spring 2014


 Devon Rose's Etsy is currently on vacation mode while I'm designing our new Spring line-up, the
 first new collection since 2010! So it's good to be back in the "kids" saddle again and as the line
 matures while Devon matures, I'm feeling lots of bright bold color in luxurious fabrics: silk
 taffeta's for special occasion dresses, wool felted cropped jackets and chunky sweaters for colder
 days, and pure cotton french terry's and uber soft waffle knits for layering pieces. This range will
 be designed San Francisco weather specific as it will be sold only in San Francisco, since the
 fabrics I'm using are rare designer end cuts and once they are gone...that's it)

kids inspiration2 (2)

 Inspiration: a co-worker went to (I want to say Belgium) and brought back this amazing
 magazine featuring graduate student work. These "alien" kids are the most amazing things I've
 ever seen in the children's wear world.


Le Petite Posh

le petite posh

 When our family relocated back to San Francisco in March 2011, we took a long break from doing
 children's clothing to focus on doing private clients for women's wear, now we are finally in a place
 where we can do both! So we are excited to be a part of SF's A-list voted "Best Children's Boutique" Le 
 Petite Posh's trunk sale this Wednesday, November 20th. Please come by and check out ours, as well
 as three other SF-based children's designers wares. This beautiful boutique also hosts a special weekly
 "story hour" every Tuesday from 2:30 to 3:30....stories and snacks for your little ones while you shop!


Raven and the Evil Queen

raven and dad

 Even though she changed her mind a million times after she decided to be "Raven" from "Teen Titans
 Go" I was super excited to be able to coax her back into her original idea this year. Once again, I
 find myself being grateful for my awesome fabric connection (thank you, Britex!) I found the perfect
 cloak fabric and it was all cake from there....much different from her Pikachu costume I made her
 last year (see bottom pic)

raven 5

raven 2

evil queen 6

I was a reworked "Evil Queen" with the aide of the most genius and wicked crown EVER! It 
was handmade by Alex at OuterLab completely out of leather. I added some of my pieces from 
my new women's wear line, Leathertongue and DONE!

evil queen

solarized halloween

 Isaac shot this crazy pic of us trick-or-treating in Northbeach right as the sun was going down....


 Devon's costume from last year...Pika Pika PIKACHU!!!