Park Days

zohanna and devon

I love my weekends with Devon. Sundays are park days and we have two favorite parks close by.
Both are beautiful, but we prefer the one with the view of the Cathedral. Center display is the
most gorgeous fountain (perfect for making wishes) and people are all about their doggies there.
It's also the place where we met Zohanna. The very first time they met, she and Devon instantly
connected, smiling and laughing as if they'd always known each other. The next morning, before
she even got out of bed, Devon asked me:

"Do you remember the little girl from the park yesterday?"
"Well, I'm sad because I'll never get to see her again"

So I figured it was definitely worth it to try and go back that afternoon- Maybe she would be there
again and we could exchange numbers? So we went, and she was there! It's almost refreshing to
me that she's been able to make friends outside of the already "clicky" group of girls she goes to
school with. Her grandmother told me that Devon is one of Zohanna's first friends (as she's
younger than Devon and doesn't go to public school yet)

As I'm sitting here watching them laughing and taking turns pushing each other on the swings, the
bells on the Cathedral just started to chime songs- looooong songs.... maybe for Christmas? I
don't know but it's so beautiful (even though slightly out of tune) and the birds are chirping and the
sun is shining....It's almost Thanksgiving and I'm wearing a tee-shirt, denim vest and jeans.
There's not a cloud in the perfect blue sky.

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