~ Feeling Alone ~

Do you know what happens the instant I become a brand new "someone" ?
You know, the moment I begin to play, grow, and become more than I was, within the jungles of time and space?
I feel alone, disconnected, like I'm missing something. Even though I'm none of those things.
And neither are you.
(my message from the Universe)


~ Tiny Sweets ~

I'm such a sucker for children's pretty hair pins. They always let people know "Hey! I'm a girl!" keeps the hair outta the eyes and really pulls Devon's whole "look for the day" together. These are the absolute cutest I've seen on Etsy so far. I mean, how could you not fall in love with "Felix the Frog"? Check out Tiny Sweets boutique for more super cuteness...
Since I refuse to dress Devon in pink and pretty florals all the time, people tend to mistake her for a boy (maybe the short hair has something to do with it) I don't know. To me, her face has such strong feminine features that I have to believe that most of these people are just generally unobservant. I mean... have you seen those eyelashes? I'm jealous ;)


~ Girls Can Be Boys ~

These corduroys are the perfect match for Devon's Snuggletime Sweater, but on their own they look like knickers for rowdy little boys

Devon wore them all day long running around outside the loft (which is all concrete and asphalt) She bit it ...a lot, but no scratches on those little knees! The denim patches proved to be quite durable (and the pants still look brand new) She figured out how to keep her balance walking down the incline of the ramp which leads to the parking lot. She was so proud of herself when she made it all the way for the first time, she threw up both of her arms and let out a victory squeal!


~ SnuggleTime ~

I've never seen Devon ham it up quite as much as she did in our new "Snuggletime Sweater"

funny, because for the first few minutes she complained about the turtleneck (pulling on it and making yucky faces) not used to having that type of collar on. But after that, she realised how soft and cozy it was. She snuggled up in my lap (totally posing for the camera) even rolled around on the floor for a bit and did some headstands for her finale :)


~ Fall Bouquet and Circle Cords ~

.....follow the links to view our newest Etsy outfit, Fall Bouquet Blouse and our Circle Cords

It's been more difficult then I thought to post 4 pieces a week on my Etsy (I've been lucky to do about half that). Watching Devon while sewing is becoming increasingly harder. She's always trying to climb the stairs to the loft and then throw herself off backwards onto the concrete, it's totally scary and she has no fear. The last few days she's been taking WAY shorter naps as well. But despite all of that,I'm hoping to get my Snuggle Time Sweater and Knee Pad Knickers done by Sunday:)


~ Preschool Plaid ~

..she's been walking all over the place! Here Devon's taking a break with Daddy in our new Preschool Plaid dress:


~ Bon Voyage Carcoat ~

Here's Devon in our new "Bon Voyage Carcoat"

It turned out slightly long in the sleeve, but it is a REALLY difficult task trying to fit garments on her ! Unfortunately she's entering into that stage where she'd rather not wear any clothes at all. Hopefully that won't last long:)


~ Pink Cupcake Vintage ~

http://www.pinkcupcakevintage.etsy.com/ is my latest Etsy addiction. I find myself browsing her pages almost daily. She has a great eye for the cutest, quality vintage children's' clothing (and her prices are amazing!) Check out this adorable ( and super soft) nautical cardigan I bought for Devon for a mere $5.00 :)


~ Cross Your Heart Culottes ~

Check out our new "Cross Your Heart" Culottes!


I'll be posting 4 new pieces a week until the end of the month so make sure to check back often :)