Happy Birthday Devon!

I'm still having a hard time dealing with the fact that my baby isn't a baby anymore. She's now a three year old little girl that continues to amaze me everyday with something new (whether it's absolutely adorable or drives me completely insane) I find myself already going back to the beginning of this blog and getting all sappy and teary eyed looking at her baby pictures. This year, her birthday was more like a birth-month. We had a big family swim party (at the beginning of August with Heidi and the twins) to celebrate the month since we all have August birthdays.
Last week, Devon had her first sleep over with the twins to celebrate their birthday's. She was super excited to do a little photo shoot before hand and show off her party outfit (as you can tell by her little pole dance...although I'm not quite sure if Isaac and I should be afraid of this talent or not)
They also had a whole day at the petting zoo planned (where she had her first horseback ride!) so she made sure to pack all the important things (gameboy) in her favorite bear bag that her Uncle Mike and Auntie Cat (whom she affectionately calls "Meow-Meow") gave her.
On her actual birthday, we spent the whole day outside playing. In the morning, I let her do something that she had been asking me to do lately (but until now I had been telling her she was too little to do) climb the tree in the front yard...and I scored BIG smiles for that one:)
Then we headed out to Yorba Park with Uncle Mike and Auntie Meow-Meow. She had a blast just running around, feeding the ducks, hitting up all the slides at the playgrounds... ...splashing Uncle Mike:) Ahhh, simple pleasures! Don't grow up too fast, Devon. I love you!


Desert Pieces and Sunny Smiles

I spent last week working on some pieces for my sister in law to wear for Burning Man (50,000 people are expected to be there this year) I made a dress out of this lightweight jersey slub, perfect for that climate. I love the texture, great "oatmeal" coloration, and beautiful drape of this fabrication. I was able to use the last of my drilled river rocks ands some leather straps (which I handed to my husband to work on while we traded off on our "babysitting Devon" duties) to create a very rustic and organic neck piece for this desert dress.
I kept the design very simple (so no need to focus on that) since it's all about this beautiful necklace that Isaac created. I love how he wrapped each stone in a different way, stacking some in little clusters here and there. He's really very crafty isn't he?
I also made her some "desert nomad" pants out of lovely silk noil. These wrap around the waist and are left open along the side of each leg (vents for those hot desert days) and have extra long straps at the hem for wrapping around the calves.
I also wanted to share with everyone these beautiful shots of Sunny wearing the skirt that I made her from our last blog posting. How cute is this little top (and those shoes) that she's wearing with it, not to mention that smile! Lisa, thanks so much for the pictures of Sunny, it totally made my day to see them and she looks absolutely adorable!


Sunny's Skirt

Sunny's Skirt The beautiful Sunny wearing our Polar Pink Pullover henley!
...and wearing our Country Chick Halter, isn't she the cutest?
Awhile back I had traded some dresses for fabrics with a favorite customer of mine, Lisa and her little girl Sunny. I had been wanting to make Sunny something special using some of those fabrics and finally I made her this little patchwork pull up that we dubbed "Sunny's Skirt" At a size 4T, it's a little large on Devon (who now wears a 3T!) We hope Lisa and Sunny love it! sorry it's so late:P


Sweatery Season

We've been working on new Fall items for the shop, lots of sweatery things. I had a stash of cut cashmere sweaters in grey that I re-purposed into two different cardigans and a bonnet. They're all gone now, but I'm waiting on a new shipment in camel colors. I have the Cream Dream Cardigan and the Petal Pullover in shop now:)



I haven't been myself lately, mornings are usually the worst. I try to take my mind off of things by sewing, sewing, sewing...but sometimes even making something pretty doesn't help. So we take walks (lots of walks) and look for beautiful flowers and butterflies (and sometimes snails) Watching her discover new things always makes me smile.
When we get to the big field by our house, Devon always spreads out her arms and screams "FLY!" then takes off running. She'll want me to "fly" with her, and I go through the motions...it's truly amazing to see her so happy and so free. More than anything, I'd love to really be able to share that moment with her...to spread my wings and fly.