Happy Birthday Devon!

I'm still having a hard time dealing with the fact that my baby isn't a baby anymore. She's now a three year old little girl that continues to amaze me everyday with something new (whether it's absolutely adorable or drives me completely insane) I find myself already going back to the beginning of this blog and getting all sappy and teary eyed looking at her baby pictures. This year, her birthday was more like a birth-month. We had a big family swim party (at the beginning of August with Heidi and the twins) to celebrate the month since we all have August birthdays.
Last week, Devon had her first sleep over with the twins to celebrate their birthday's. She was super excited to do a little photo shoot before hand and show off her party outfit (as you can tell by her little pole dance...although I'm not quite sure if Isaac and I should be afraid of this talent or not)
They also had a whole day at the petting zoo planned (where she had her first horseback ride!) so she made sure to pack all the important things (gameboy) in her favorite bear bag that her Uncle Mike and Auntie Cat (whom she affectionately calls "Meow-Meow") gave her.
On her actual birthday, we spent the whole day outside playing. In the morning, I let her do something that she had been asking me to do lately (but until now I had been telling her she was too little to do) climb the tree in the front yard...and I scored BIG smiles for that one:)
Then we headed out to Yorba Park with Uncle Mike and Auntie Meow-Meow. She had a blast just running around, feeding the ducks, hitting up all the slides at the playgrounds... ...splashing Uncle Mike:) Ahhh, simple pleasures! Don't grow up too fast, Devon. I love you!


  1. happy birthday devon!!! we will have to get the girls together to celebrate!!

  2. Happy birthday devon!
    We love your lovely smile❤


  3. Happy birthday gorgeous girl Devon! Wishing you a fabulous third (or rather fourth) year.

    Lucy and Audrey

  4. Oh how did I miss this,,I hope you had a wonderful and very special day,,it looks like you did,,

  5. thanks so much for the birthday wishes!!!xxoxo

  6. Awwww, i know excatly how you feel, Celeste will be three in december, and I already find myself looking back and thinking about how my baby isn't really a baby anymore, in our hearts they always will be, so glad she had such a great birthday <3

  7. happy belated birthday to little devon. :D

    i love her outfit in the first picture! :D