Christmas smiles...

...are the best! Isaac snapped these pics the moment she first saw her Radio Flyer Trike sitting under the tree. Funny cause she was just about to really let loose and have a big ol' cry (you can see the tears in her eyes in the top pic) You see, she got her rocking horse too..thanks, Auntie Heidi! And she didn't want to leave him that morning to go and open presents (really, she had no idea it would be so worth it) Merry Christmas, Devon:)


Jacket Weather

It's almost (sorta) jacket weather here in Southern California and I really, REALLY want a new black jacket (with shoulder pads a 'la Balmain) for the season. So, I decided that I'm going to make myself one (but it'll be a hoody) out of my black bamboo french terry with lambskin leather shoulders and lapels. I'll make sure to post it...after I also lose 10 pounds by February 23rd (mine and Isaac's anniversary) In the meantime, I wanted to share some pics of Devon rockin' her new vegan leather jacket from H&M.


A Christmas dress for Heidi

Heidi had a forties themed party to attend this year and needed a new dress. I took inspiration from the cute creme/black shoes that she wanted to wear. The result was a pure wool (fully lined) hourglass, with microfiber velvet contrasts. For the back of the garment, I edged the zipper with 1/4" of the velvet on each side so it has an awesome little 1/2" stripe of black velvet up the back (and a sexy 4" vent) When I touched the microfiber velvet at the store, I thought "this is the one" It is scrumptious! Even though it ended up being extremely difficult to sew (microfiber velvet is VERY drapey and slides all over the place while you're trying to cut and sew it) I'm really happy with the outcome and Heidi looked gorgeous!

New top, new car...

...and they match perfectly! Life is good:)


One more time around...

...is actually never enough:)


Zoe's Jacket

YAY! It finally stopped raining long enough for us to have a photo shoot for Zoe's jacket. She picked out the cute black and white gingham, and requested a black lining of some sort. Luckily, I had this great chenille (just waiting to be made into something) and with the addition of the circular ruffle back peplum, it started to take on a very "Hansel and Gretel" type feel. This caused me to remember my black and shocking pink Tyrolean trim (that I got from Trim Goddess a while back) and my carved oak toggles from Wooden Treasures.


Super Stylie

...and they know it:)


Inspiration and Holiday Sale

Oh French, it's been so long since a magazine has really inspired me the way that you do...
...can't wait to start on Women's. Payne is having a Holiday Sale for our Etsy to make room for all the new beauties:)


Saw Dust Festival

The Saw Dust Festival in Laguna Beach is a total winter wonderland scene, complete with Santa Claus and occasional fake snow storms. We have season passes, so it was Devon's second time to go. She's all about the playhouse with it's miniature piano and rocking horse. I thought she might still be a little bit too young for sitting with Santa Claus, but she did partake in one of the arts and crafts booths (she decorated a frame for her Grandma Gloria) I think her very favorite part was spending time with the twins, and cuddling all the animals at the petting zoo.
I don't know who this little boy is, but don't they look so cute together in their little sweaters?
I might have to get her one of these for Christmas...


Frankie's Dress

I had been telling the twins forever that I was going to make them each something special. Whole sale orders kept pushing it back, but now I finally had the chance to keep my promise. They each picked their own fabrics. Frankie had been requesting a new dress, while Zoe wanted a jacket (I'm still working on the jacket) I'll be posting it sometime next week. Anyways, I couldn't be happier with the way the dress looks on Frankie. For some added detail (to go back to the different shades of green, cotton jersey that she selected) I found these awesome, handmade polymer clay buttons from Artmaker's Worlds Alpha via Etsy.


Guerilla Knitting

Yarn graffiti! My friend Christopher sent me this link the other day. Why had I not heard of this before? I find it incredibly amazing and inspiring! Somehow, I need to incorporate yarn into my Women's Spring line. I also found another great blog by guerrilla knitter, Denise Litchfield . Every single post is breathtakingly beautiful....OMG, I wish I could knit!


Thinking of Spring

Now that it's starting to get cold, I can't stop thinking about what I want to make for Spring! I'll probably throw in a few more items for the colder weather here and there, but I REALLY want to make myself some things (funny cause I NEVER do) After that, it's onto Spring! My friend Heather gave me the prettiest crop of vintage florals (and the super cute butterfly print that I'm making a hat for Devon out of) I still need to put the lining in, but when it's finally complete, I'll re-shoot it with the dress that I'm making to go with. I also have a stash of vintage prints coming from SecondHandLove. I actually cleaned out her shop, but make sure to check back soon! Lisa's got an awesome eye... and isn't her avatar just the sweetest?


Vintage Fix

YAY! I found more great vintage on Etsy (this time via papernstitch). Hart and sew has a huge selection of beautiful children's vintage, and some adorable, handmade (vintage inspired) pieces as well. I couldn't help but get Devon this pretty, little rose bud sweater (hey, it's getting colder and I don't knit) Stacy also took the time to write me a sweet convo. It's something that a lot of the seller's on Etsy don't actually do, but it always gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling when it happens...and I have a feeling I'll be shopping here. A LOT:)