Frankie's Dress

I had been telling the twins forever that I was going to make them each something special. Whole sale orders kept pushing it back, but now I finally had the chance to keep my promise. They each picked their own fabrics. Frankie had been requesting a new dress, while Zoe wanted a jacket (I'm still working on the jacket) I'll be posting it sometime next week. Anyways, I couldn't be happier with the way the dress looks on Frankie. For some added detail (to go back to the different shades of green, cotton jersey that she selected) I found these awesome, handmade polymer clay buttons from Artmaker's Worlds Alpha via Etsy.


  1. super cute..this looks like something penelope would wear. she is all into "cozy clothes" as she calls them. hence the leggings and tees everyday!

  2. Oh that is super fabulous, and super cute! She makes a perfect model too. She knows her colours -that green looks so good on her. I love creating something new, and yahoo my last order went out today so I feel free!

  3. the dress is fantastic and i love boots with it! :)