Christmas smiles...

...are the best! Isaac snapped these pics the moment she first saw her Radio Flyer Trike sitting under the tree. Funny cause she was just about to really let loose and have a big ol' cry (you can see the tears in her eyes in the top pic) You see, she got her rocking horse too..thanks, Auntie Heidi! And she didn't want to leave him that morning to go and open presents (really, she had no idea it would be so worth it) Merry Christmas, Devon:)


  1. She looks like she's striking a model's pose in the 2nd picture with her leg out all fancy! Hehe! I hope your Christmas was lovely! Speaking of lovely, gorgeous Christmas tree! I'm guessing the main color was teal? I love it! :)

  2. super sweet!! i hope you guys had a good holiday also! lets get together after things get back to normal.

  3. So sweeeet!!! I can imagine Devon pushing her tricycle (in her right arm) and rocking horse (in her left) everywhere she goes now. ;)

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to your sweeeet family~!