Saw Dust Festival

The Saw Dust Festival in Laguna Beach is a total winter wonderland scene, complete with Santa Claus and occasional fake snow storms. We have season passes, so it was Devon's second time to go. She's all about the playhouse with it's miniature piano and rocking horse. I thought she might still be a little bit too young for sitting with Santa Claus, but she did partake in one of the arts and crafts booths (she decorated a frame for her Grandma Gloria) I think her very favorite part was spending time with the twins, and cuddling all the animals at the petting zoo.
I don't know who this little boy is, but don't they look so cute together in their little sweaters?
I might have to get her one of these for Christmas...


  1. this looks like so much fun! i love how much love devon has for stuffed animals, haha. :)

    i love that the boy's sweater engulfs him. so adorable! and his expression is priceless! :)

  2. This place looks like so much fun! I totally want to go there now. And I agree, it seems like the rocking horse was a big hit with Devon. Was it fun trying to get her to leave? ;-)

  3. Yes, I hope Devon get one of those rocking pony/horse for Christmas. She looks so sweet on it! :)