Vintage Fix

YAY! I found more great vintage on Etsy (this time via papernstitch). Hart and sew has a huge selection of beautiful children's vintage, and some adorable, handmade (vintage inspired) pieces as well. I couldn't help but get Devon this pretty, little rose bud sweater (hey, it's getting colder and I don't knit) Stacy also took the time to write me a sweet convo. It's something that a lot of the seller's on Etsy don't actually do, but it always gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling when it happens...and I have a feeling I'll be shopping here. A LOT:)


  1. i stumbled across this and wanted to thank you for your sweet words! i LOVE your stuff too! you should come over to my blog and enter a giveaway i am doing right now so devon can win a cute vintage dress - www.hartandsew.blogspot.com

    - stacy :)