~ Enjoy it While you Can ~

Today was a beautiful day and Devon's enjoying the sunshine while she can... tomorrow's suppose to be a cold one.


~ Monster Wishlist ~

Devon and I are shopping for a new monster friend and here's some of our favorites:
Liam by morninglori
Yeti's by stelabird
Curby by belua
....or why not get an adorable penguin dressed like a monster?


~ Over the Years ~




Devon's "Pouch Pocket Pullover" sold in one day. I was actually logging onto Etsy to pull it from the store because I had fallen in love with the way it looked on her. It was sort of a bittersweet sale; while I was happy that it sold so quickly, I knew that I wouldn't be able to make another for her. I had purchased that sweater knit in San Francisco years ago. At the time I was wanting to do a "sporty/utilitarian look" using fabric with an organic feel. When I found this soft, navy blue rib and it's amazing coordinating meshy (and super chunky) sweater knit, I was in fabric heaven..for like a day. Then I put it on the shelf for 3 years until I finally used the meshy sweater knit (by itself) to make a dainty cardigan. I was inspired by this beautiful hand knitted trim and unique abalone button that I found at Britex .
We moved to LA in 2004, where I slowly began to lose my mind while designing juniors wear for every Southern California private label under the sun. I hadn't really fully grasped that I was so miserable until one day (by this time it was already 2006) I looked in the mirror and realised that I had gained weight..like 20 pounds. A couple days after that I lost my job. I switched to freelancing and started doing my own line again (with zero seed money) trying to scrape a living together by selling consignment to select boutiques. BTW, its incredibly easy to lose weight when you have no reliable income. I rediscovered my soft navy blue rib and this time I made a baby doll sweater with winged sleeves. I liked it so much that I decided to keep it for myself. But then my husbands boss loved it so much that I ended up giving it to her.

Fast forward 3 years later (do you see a pattern forming here?) I rediscover the fabric once again during our move to Dallas. Deciding to use it for my new children's wear line was by far my best idea yet. I finally go back to my original thought of using the rib and meshy sweater knit together to create a "sporty/utilitarian" look that Devon pulls off effortlessly. And that's the end of the story, the remnants are finally used up.... and it only took me 9 years..I guess better late than never :)


~ Ebony and Eyelet ~

I've been thinking about doing a black top for Devon for awhile now, but I didn't want it to be too masculine or tough (and nothing rocker or goth). I was wanting it to be feminine (but not too pretty) and here's the result, the Ebony and Eyelet Tunic.
It's a little difficult to see the eyelet contrasts in these pics, but Devon pulled some pretty cute expressions, so I wanted to share these with you.


~ Cute Top, Good Cause ~

Devons pants are the "Gangster Trouser" from
... aren't those pockets just incredible?

...Just had to show off Devon's new "Grey Wolves Tee" from kachingdesign It's part of their Endangered Animals Series. 5% of the sales of this shirt will help WWF to achieve its efforts in protecting wolves, polar bears, and the giant panda...


~ Thinking Of Spring ~

Now that its freezing here in Texas, I find myself thinking of Spring and what I should make for Devon. I've been staring at this little darling for awhile, as I'm very attracted to the styling in this photograph. Maybe more so than the dress itself, but I do love all the beautiful detailing and also the fact that it's still kept clean by being all of one tone. The lattice work at the skirt and sleeve hem and the embroidered "doilies" at the neckline makes me wish that I had the equipment to do speciality stitches.
Fortunately, I've stumbled upon some gorgeous antique lace trims at Curiosities as well as this amazing vintage floral print that's gently faded and wonderfully soft. I'll have enough to make a piece for Devon and one other for the store.
I've also become addicted to checking out all of the beautiful Tyrolean ribbons at trimgoddess and I'm toying with the idea of using hand painted ribbon (LeiLiLaLoo does some really cute ones)
Hopefully I'll have the majority of the Spring collection posted by the end of March. These next couple months will be really busy ones as I'm gearing up for another large shipment to Singapore and I'll also be switching gears to work on some women's wear for my submission to
Gen Art's Styles 2009 International Design Competition. I'm feeling inspired and it is my year after all ~ the Year of the Ox :)


~ Drifting with Daddy ~

...maybe not as interested in watching the race as daddy...
...cause it's alot more fun to drive than watch...


~ Pouch Pocket Pullover ~

I was worried that Devon might object to shooting indoors today in our new Pouch Pocket Pullover
A cold front came in , so we've been couped up in the loft (which lately she's been making it pretty obvious that she's OVER that). But when I pulled out the camera, she dropped to the floor and rolled around throwing pose after pose for a good five minutes while I clicked away. Too bad it was such a cloudy day, so the lighting isn't what it should be. But these pics definitely brightened my day :)


~ Future Heartbreaker ~

I came across this one while checking out some candid shots of childrens streetwear . This kid is TOO much..I LOVE IT and just had to share:)


~ Sportin' Stripes ~

I love watching Devon kick it in her "Flying Tigers Ninja Wrap" I made her (must have been at least 6 months ago by now, and you can see it in the length) but I like it layered up anyway. Every time I put her in something I've made for her, I get an instant high (kinda like when I used to play with fashion plates as a kid only a million times better) and I swear she can somehow sense this. As soon as the outfit goes on, she starts to work it. She's the perfect little muse and she is what has inspired me to start designing again.

I have to admit, designing all that private label trash while I was in LA, made me jaded. A friend of mine (who is also a designer) called it "the corporate nightmare". And it's all true...LA is the "Starbucks" of the fashion industry. Designing has always been my form of expression, my creative outlet. In retrospect, I think I could have made it all work, if I had kept up on doing my own projects (after the grind of the day) but I was always so stressed out by the time I got home. After designing all that crap for Hot Topic and Forever 21, the last thing I wanted to do when I got home at night was design. So, I was stuck in this vicious cycle of hating what I do, jumping around from job to job, and becoming more and more bitter. I mean, I even hated shopping (it was all trend research for work) and that's when you know its REALLY bad.

But then (and I'm not really sure what I did to deserve this) I was blessed with this amazing surprise, this awesome little person that's totally rekindled that creative spark in me. Shes' made things fun for me again. Shes' given me something to strive for again. And shes' done all this without saying a word...Amazing!



~ Me And My Shadow ~

what IS that???


~ Big Hug ~

I found this little fashionista in my "Mono Kids" (a Japanese fashion mag) This look is pure Japanese perfection and she knows it. Of course, she has MAJOR attitude and I LOVE it!
The line is called "BigHug" which is exactly what you want to do to this deliciously, comfy looking, double gauze bubble top. And it's perfectly proportioned to those great little stripey patched leggings!

Here's another look from BigHug's winter 2008 line. Normally, I'm not a big fan of this mother and daughter "matchy-matchy craziness" but I can totally see Devon and I workin' these reimagined, distressed sweatshirts with some awesome leggings and our moccasins :)


~ Relax ~

It's Sunday! Don't forget to set aside some time to pamper yourself. I've always been a big fan of the bubble bath (now that Devon is too, bath time is a little less relaxing, but she keeps it fun to say the least) The absolute best bubble bath (and believe me I've tried quite a few) is "Soothing Heat" by Aura Cacia with evergreen and eucalyptus aroma. It's heavenly!


~ Tiniest Hobbit ~

...or teeniest gelfling! You decide. Either way, I continue to be amazed by Devon's ability to always find the perfect prop for our photo shoots. Follow the link for more pics and to read about our newest item the "Pink Cottage Cloak"


~ Hel Looks ~

Jermu (3)
"I'm wearing an eagle t-shirt and flower socks. My cap is yellow and there is some net at the back. I like red, cars and legos."

Roberto (2.5)
"Roberto doesn't like to wear girly clothes. He always wants to choose the shoes himself. He likes his long hair."
Mikko (34), Estrid (1) and Frida (29)
I first came across this site http://www.hel-looks.com/ in 2005 while doing trend research for private label clients. It's a great resource for checking out interesting street fashion. When I came across Jermu, I just had to share...LOVE the attitude! And am I the only one that thought that Roberto WAS a girl? I added the "Happy Helsinki Family" because I found their style to be so beautiful in it's simplicity...I mean, not many women can still look totally awesome with a shaved head!


~ Lil' Comanche ~

I bought a 50 yard bolt of this beautiful cotton Ikat fabric way back in 2000 (when I had my women's label) I envisioned a dramatic "tribal warrior princess" dress/kimono as a finale piece for my show (shown above photographed in Southern California) It used up about 5 yards and I've been holding onto the rest ever since. I never really considered using it for children's wear until I was shopping around Etsy for supplies and came across a listing for these great, fluffy, cotton pom-poms. Then it occurred to me that Devon needed her own "little warrior princess" coat. I used the pattern I drafted for the Bon Voyage Carcoat, eliminating the collar and turning it into a tie front closure using self binding and the finishing touch...pom-poms!



~ Cute Cardigan ~

Here's Devon in yet another great find from www.pinkcupcakevintage.etsy.com I know....I talk about that place WAY too much, but she just got some new sweaters in, so I thought I would share:)


~ Loungers and Lack of Sleep ~

Don't let these pictures fool you! Although she does seem to be the perfect picture of bubbly, crazy, exuberant happiness..she really gave me a run for the money today. I chased her EVERYWHERE, she cried over EVERYTHING... and I can see why, when you only let yourself sleep for an hour here and there (gotta be up so I don't miss anything!!!!) But she gets an A+++ for her modeling today, she does LOVE to be in front of the camera:) Check out more pics here:


~ Thinking about Jenny ~

Recently, Devon's developed a certain fondness for elephants... her new favorite toy is a squirty elephant for the bathtub, she LOVED "Horton Hears a Who," and if I ask her to point at an elephant in a book, she always gets it right (ducks too)

But all this talk of elephants got me thinking about Jenny again, the elephant from the Dallas Zoo. When I first saw her, I did not know about the huge controversy surrounding this poor creature. I remember I was so excited to see the elephant exhibit (this past September) but when I saw her backed into the corner of her small enclosure, rocking back and forth repeatedly (maybe to relieve boredom) but to me it looked more like she was trying to comfort herself... to me, she looked very lonely in there and it made me so sad.

My sister was the one who first told me about Keke (Jenny's companion that had died this past May) this prompted the Dallas Zoo to make a decision to send Jenny to Africam Safari Park in Puebla, Mexico. She was to roam freely on 5 acres of land that she would share with a future female companion. Sounds great to me, but this decision sparked opposition to Jenny's move by animal rights groups such as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. They raised concerns that Mexico does not have the same animal welfare standards as the United States and also questioned the construction and the cars traveling through Africam. Also, opponents have said there are signs the three Asian elephants at Africam are in distress. This was the result of a video taken that shows them swaying back and forth – an indication of "depression in elephants, loneliness and frustration," (Which is exactly what I saw Jenny doing) They urged council members to send her instead to a 2,700-acre sanctuary in Tennessee where 17 other traumatized elephants are kept in seclusion.

But now it seems that the Dallas Zoo plans to keep Jenny right where she is. Plans are underway to build a larger $10 million dollar elephant habitat that could house as many as four elephants. This new habitat, part of a $40 million dollar African Savanna exhibit, will be completed in spring 2010 rather than mid-2012 as planned. Meanwhile, the AZA (Association of Zoos and Aquariums) is helping Dallas Zoo officials identify a new companion for Jenny. Supposedly officials were eager to have the new elephant in the zoo by November (in an article I read from this past August, however it seems that Jenny still does not have a companion) I hope I'm wrong... it would mean that Jenny has been sitting alone in that small enclosure (said to measure less than a quarter of an acre) for 8 months now. My wish for Jenny is that they find her a companion ASAP! It would make even living in that small space much more enjoyable for her until she can finally move.