~ Hel Looks ~

Jermu (3)
"I'm wearing an eagle t-shirt and flower socks. My cap is yellow and there is some net at the back. I like red, cars and legos."

Roberto (2.5)
"Roberto doesn't like to wear girly clothes. He always wants to choose the shoes himself. He likes his long hair."
Mikko (34), Estrid (1) and Frida (29)
I first came across this site http://www.hel-looks.com/ in 2005 while doing trend research for private label clients. It's a great resource for checking out interesting street fashion. When I came across Jermu, I just had to share...LOVE the attitude! And am I the only one that thought that Roberto WAS a girl? I added the "Happy Helsinki Family" because I found their style to be so beautiful in it's simplicity...I mean, not many women can still look totally awesome with a shaved head!

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