~ Thinking Of Spring ~

Now that its freezing here in Texas, I find myself thinking of Spring and what I should make for Devon. I've been staring at this little darling for awhile, as I'm very attracted to the styling in this photograph. Maybe more so than the dress itself, but I do love all the beautiful detailing and also the fact that it's still kept clean by being all of one tone. The lattice work at the skirt and sleeve hem and the embroidered "doilies" at the neckline makes me wish that I had the equipment to do speciality stitches.
Fortunately, I've stumbled upon some gorgeous antique lace trims at Curiosities as well as this amazing vintage floral print that's gently faded and wonderfully soft. I'll have enough to make a piece for Devon and one other for the store.
I've also become addicted to checking out all of the beautiful Tyrolean ribbons at trimgoddess and I'm toying with the idea of using hand painted ribbon (LeiLiLaLoo does some really cute ones)
Hopefully I'll have the majority of the Spring collection posted by the end of March. These next couple months will be really busy ones as I'm gearing up for another large shipment to Singapore and I'll also be switching gears to work on some women's wear for my submission to
Gen Art's Styles 2009 International Design Competition. I'm feeling inspired and it is my year after all ~ the Year of the Ox :)

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  1. Thank you so much for the mention of my shop TrimGoddess.