~ New Years Resolution ~

Usually, I'm not the greatest at keeping up my New Years Resolutions. Although my "NO Smoking Forever" resolution of 2007 is still intact (2 years= tobacco free!) This years is relatively simple in comparison, but will be extremely beneficial for Devons development...I'm putting a 3 hour limit per day on the television.
I came up with this one after learning about Viacom and Time Warner cables feud (and the impending loss of Devon's all time favorite channel, Noggin). I must admit that I kinda freaked out for a while afterwards. Not only had our DVD player decided to get stuck in loading mode forever, but now she can't even watch Yo Gabba Gabba, Blue's Clues, or even worse...no more Oswald:(
Imagine my total relief when I turned on the tele at 12:15AM on January 1st and was greeted by Oobi (oy! believe me, that will be the ONLY time Oobi will stir up that type of emotion!) And that's when it hit me, I'm totally addicted to television! And if I didn't do something about it now, Devon was sure to suffer the same fate. So, Devon and I spent our first day of the year running around town, checking out all the great sales (where we scored Devon's awesome new high top Pumas!) Then we hit up the bookstore for fashion mag inspiration and a new read...Kill Your Friends, by John Niven (supposedly the most exciting British novel since Trainspotting) Kill your friends? Kill your TV!!!

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