Indigo Dream Dress

... sweet ruffles... in a super soft, yarn dyed shot cotton:)


Happy Birthday, Devon!

The last birthday of the month...Devon's 2 years old today, and she had a great one! Her insanely cute, birthday outfit was passed down to her from Cousin Frankie. Cousin Zoe made her this perfect accessory, a garland birthday crown with a white rose:) She got presents on her "birthday eve" (partly because the girls were excited to give Devon her gifts, and partly because she walked in on them while they were preparing to wrap presents) I don't think she really appreciates the whole "unwrapping" part of gift giving yet, and she was a little weirded out when we tried to get her to blow the candle out on her birthday cupcake (but she ate the whole thing in like 2 seconds) On the big day, we took her to the Santa Ana zoo, she LOVED it!
The birthday girl (at the zoo) with her Daddy, Auntie Heidi, Cousin Frankie and Cousin Zoe. Mommy is behind the camera, as usual:)...the best view in the bird sanctuary......a day full of exploration......trying new things......turtle gets a kiss......and Daddy gets a kiss...


We're back!

It's a work in progress, but we are starting to restock our Etsy for Fall! This season, Devon and I are all about the "layered up" outfit. These first two pieces, that we are offering will be the foundation for your daughter's look (everyday of the week) Make sure to check back on Monday for new listings (tomorrow is Devon's birthday, so I'll be playing with her all day)...no sewing allowed!!!



"friends come in all sizes"
~Rainbow Randolph~



...for the longest time, Devon's been resistant to saying "Daddy." So Isaac had been trying to deal with the fact that he and I have both been "Mommy." Until yesterday, when we finally figured out that she just wanted to call him "Pappa"...


What we all need...

...a great neutral jacket to wear with everything!


Adieu, Summertime

I love the beautiful simplicity of these little French girl's outfits. As Summer moves into it's final weeks, it makes me miss Summer dressing already!


Brown baggin it

I like to torture myself sometimes, and dream that I have extra money right now to go shopping. If I did, I would get these items from Brown Bag Vintage. They would be perfect for my upcoming trip to New York, when I finally get to hang out with my brother (whom I haven't seen in like 3 years) Oh well, maybe I'll have time to sew up something new to wear (yeah right) Anyways, the prices are actually quite affordable and with stuff this awesome, I figure I'd get the word out (even if I can't have them for myself)


Pigtails and production

So now that she's into it, everyday is a pigtail day! And she finally likes to wear necklaces now too, my little girl is getting so big *sob* I can't believe that she'll be two years old already on the 30th. We're still trying to figure out what to do for her birthday. Honestly, it's been hard to plan anything when your knee deep in wholesale production orders. It's not that I'm complaining, but I can only sew so fast with a home sewing machine. It's a tough one trying to sew large batches of production, create new pieces, and watch Devon full time (which is why my blog is also getting neglected). My Juki is still in storage, and I feel awful for neglecting my Etsy boutique right now to focus on production. I'm going to try my best to get some of the Fall line posted by this next week. I was hoping to reopen Devon Rose fully stocked for Fall, but it's going to have to be a more gradual thing leading up until October. I'll switch back over to work on the Women's line at that time (so no new women's pieces for awhile) Luckily, Devon's mostly great about the situation and Isaac is around a lot to help. But whenever she comes into the sewing room with her arms stretched out for hugs...it's all about her.


Corduroy Playsuit

I ended up using my entire stash of the periwinkle corduroy (that my mom got me) for my order of girls playsuits for Sweet William. My mom had also given me the cute little floral print that I used for the contrasts (the same floral used for the much loved Teeny Tiny Floral Tunic) It was a great way to use up every last bit of that adorable print. Thanks Mom!
I'm bummed though, that there wasn't enough for Devon to have one of her own. Maybe I'll make another version for her in brown. Isaac put her hair up in these little pigtails, first time she's let us do that! I'm so in love with it, she looks like a doll:)


Circle Jumper

This is my reworked version of the Jillion Squares Jumper. I've had this awesome, laser cut cotton lawn since 2001, just waiting to finally be made into something. I sourced these beautiful, tree branch buttons from The Hickory Tree. Linda custom made me the sizes that I requested from a Mulberry tree, and shipped them out with super speediness! I think they really give it a cute little "wood nymph" vibe. The Circle Jumper will only be available at Sweet William.


Happy happy, joy joy!

those eyes...
that mouth...
this smile...
my morning cup of coffee...
Street tuff/sexy women's sportswear...
sweet, feminine little girls fashion...
Yes, I got tagged by ByRheea to list 6 things that bring me joy:) Here's the rules to this game:
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Mini Inspiration

While speaking with an old friend of mine the other day, I made mention to one of my favorite children's fashion mags. At which point, he instantly began to poke fun at me (for even having a favorite children's mag) but with styling like this, how can he blame me?


Floral Frock

A super sweet, mini floral dress for Devon Rose. This is cut (from a very small yardage) of a vintage "Liberty of London" cotton and will only be available at Sweet William.


Beautiful Morning

my sunshine :)