Birthday Wish


With six people living together, what are the odds that every single one of them would have a birthday in August? Not only that, but be all Leo parents with all Virgo children? So in honor of such a momentous month, we decided to throw a "Happy Birthday Everyone" party to start it off right. I missed the first few seconds of this conversation, it's Heidi asking Zoey what her birthday wish is...she says "Super Powers!" LOL! Sorry about my filming, apparently I like to see things sideways as well. And today is Isaac's birthday, the first birthday of the month...

Happy Birthday, Baby!!!


  1. Happy Birthday guys! Thanks for sharing this sweet moment with us.

    I was excited when Devon came into the scene though it was only a few seconds. Well, at least she was smiling and not crying. haha.

    May all your wishes come true! :)


  2. Hey Emily, yes I wanted to ask you about that too. I tried several times but still, it doesn't link to your blog. I guess the problem could be your google or blog setting?

    Ps: Thank you for the sweet comment. Your blog always make my day too! :)


  3. What fun! And who doesn't want super powers??? :O)

  4. Cutest video EVER! I love little kid voices, they're so sweet. You seem to have quite the awesome family. Happy Birthday to all of you!!