Southwestern Style

I wanted to share with everyone some pieces that I've been working on for our women's line, Payne. This vest is my favorite so far, made from an acrylic blend that's super soft and looks like wool. The contrasts are cut from a buttery lambskin.
It's intended to just be thrown over your favorite jeans and a tee, left open with rustic leather straps hanging, but you can tie 'em up and change the neckline if you prefer...
I cut the upper front and back panels along the selvage edge to keep this great little fringe detail that adds even more to it's "Southwestern" flavor.
My jumpsuit is a fluid, printed cotton jersey that just so happens to have all the colors of my vest. I love the "painted desert" look of this print, it reminds me of an abstracted ikat. I'm actually working on an ikat/bamboo french terry, motorcycle/hoody jacket now...
I've had this giant wooden bead rolling around in my desk drawer forever. I find it to be the perfect touch to pull this design over to a more "organic' and "rustic" type feeling (reversed bamboo french terry contrasts help too) I left the vest unlined since the pattern was so beautiful even on the reverse, carefully hand sewing all inside seams and adding hand carved oak toggles to give it the same "rustic" vibe.
...then I had to satisfy a little vintage shopping inpulse, and found the perfect Southwestern style leather jacket from the 80's at Revival House .


DevonRose is back!

I finally reopened our children's Etsy today, but I have to apologise that there are no new items listed yet. I'm in the middle of producing a wholesale order that should be completed around the weekend of May 7th. Afterwards, I've purchased some great new knits that I can't wait to make into summer rompers, leggings, and I've even got a little swimsuit coming soon! This is Mango the house cat, she always keeps me company when I'm cutting and sewing. We'll be moving again soon (mid May) but not far away, and it's temporary too (we'll be moving AGAIN in July...geeeez!) Anyways, I'm gonna miss her...


Today's Color: Red!

It made me kinda sad when I realised that Devon had outgrown her little red chucks! Now I know why parents do crazy things like bronze their kids shoes.... stop growing so fast! Anyways, she might have had a growth spurt, but her feet are still itty bitty:) I got her some new Salt Waters from Little Bean along with this and that. The way I see it, new shoes are always a great excuse to shop around for some new additions to her wardrobe. I quickly found this adorable knit top at Stacy's shop...
and these overalls...
then I headed over to Heather's shop and found this little gem, I also LOVE this...but I gotta stop. For red accessories, Devon's been really into purses lately (and she's always trying to lug around my giant bags) so I decided to make one for her out of this super cute fabric (and it's not really red, but I'm also dying to get her this)


Model Crush

I've switched gears from our children's line to work on PAYNE for a couple weeks (look for our reopening at the end of the month) so, I've been totally immersed in women's fashion again. I know that I'm supposed to be focusing on the clothing, but sometimes I can't help myself and give equal attention to the models, and I've decided that Lindsey Wixson is my new Kate Moss.
I mean, here she even looks just like Kate...
... but with even better lips (I've always been a "lip" girl)
Isaac agrees, but thinks that she almost has too much of an "eerie doll look" but I think that's why I like her so much. I miss working with models. I've been shooting PAYNE (or rather Isaac's been shooting PAYNE) on myself, but only out of convenience. Anyways, I've really got an itch lately to find a new women's model.



All of a sudden Devon's drawings went from total chaos to smiley faces, and now her favorite thing to draw...kitties! This is the first Kitty she ever drew me (he's basically a huge kitty head hovering over scribbles) but I just love his little pointy ears and uni-brow.
...skinny, skinny neck, BIG bobble head (gettin' crazy with the whiskers) She drew this one for me in chalk on the back of an envelope:)


Devon's Dance Moves

An old friend of mine sent me this link to Kelis' video Acapella. It's not really my type of music, but Devon was totally feelin' it. My favorite part is when she suddenly drops to the floor and busts out with the leg lifts. It's all very "Flash Dance"...enjoy!

*BTW... sorry it's sideways. I'm just so used to always shooting Devon vertically, that I forget to switch those rare times I think to take a video of her*



Here's a little one of a kind dress that I made for Christine with Small Magazine. At a size 4T, it's a rare one (as all of my OOAK dresses are made to fit Devon who wears a 2T) It took awhile to sew up all those little button holes to feed this beautiful, crochet lace ribbon through. I love the end result, though and it will be available for purchase at our shop later on. For now, our children's Esty is taking a little break. I need to catch up on existing orders and work on our women's line, Payne (which will reopen end of month) I'll be posting pics of the new women's line on here very soon:)


Happy Easter!

Have a beautiful day!


Vintage Love

If you're a vintage lover like me, you gotta check out my friend Heather's new boutique 3 Ring Circus. I scored this adorable tee for Devon that's so perfect with our Sweetheart Flares and her new wedges. Watching her work those wedges totally made my day:)