Model Crush

I've switched gears from our children's line to work on PAYNE for a couple weeks (look for our reopening at the end of the month) so, I've been totally immersed in women's fashion again. I know that I'm supposed to be focusing on the clothing, but sometimes I can't help myself and give equal attention to the models, and I've decided that Lindsey Wixson is my new Kate Moss.
I mean, here she even looks just like Kate...
... but with even better lips (I've always been a "lip" girl)
Isaac agrees, but thinks that she almost has too much of an "eerie doll look" but I think that's why I like her so much. I miss working with models. I've been shooting PAYNE (or rather Isaac's been shooting PAYNE) on myself, but only out of convenience. Anyways, I've really got an itch lately to find a new women's model.


  1. so i almost did my hair the color in the top photo but decided to do it dark because the upkeep is easier but i think i am bookmarking this for inspiration when i am willing to color my hair more often

  2. She's indeed beautiful. Love her heart-shape lips and 'eerie' doll look! She reminds me a little of Lily Cole.